Paula Deen's Secret Method For Perfect Grits

When you think of Southern cooking, Paula Deen may come to mind, and for good reason. Deen was dubbed the "Queen of Southern Cuisine" by in 2007 when she made her grandmother's pound cake for the queen of all media, Oprah herself. At the time, Deen shared that for her, cooking is "therapeutic," adding that, "You just kind of forget everything except what you've got going on in that pot." And boy has Deen cooked up some dishes in "that pot" that truly epitomize all that is Southern.

One Southern staple Deen makes with the kind of love and care that we all aspire to cook with has been around since the 16th century when, per Spoon University, this creamy and hearty ingredient, known as grits, was served up by indigenous people in Virginia to Sir Walter Raleigh's traveling party. They must have been well received because they continued to be served at dining tables long after. But grits are not the easiest to make. Without the proper love and care, grits can easily turn into a lumpy, mushy, unappetizing mess. Luckily, the Queen of Southern Cuisine is willing to share her secret method to make this an any-time-of-day meal for all of us.    

Paula Deen relies on quick grits

According to Paula Deen's website, Deen uses the quick version of grits. Southern Living notes that the only difference between quick and regular grits is the size of the grind and cooking time. Quick grits tend to be a finer ground and cook faster; however, not the way Deen makes them. Deen says you need to cook them slow and low for 40 minutes and prepare to stir those grits frequently. Southern Living explains that the constant stirring or whisking will "release the starch" and will result in grits that are really creamy.

That said, Deen also believes in seasoning her grits with salt and pepper which, as Southern Living points out, is vital for your taste buds because your grits are going to soak up more salt before they are cooked rather than after, so don't skimp. But Deen doesn't stop there. She is a fan of butter, cream cheese, and cream to really make for a rich, savory, and luscious flavor. Once you perfect your grits using Deen's secret method, you can top them off with fruit for breakfast, vegetables for lunch, or shrimp for dinner. Bon appétit!