Here's What You Should Mix With RumChata

Okay, hear us out: There is never a bad time for some RumChata. While it might garner more popularity during the holiday season, this delicious liqueur deserves a spot in your home year-round. Made from five-times distilled Caribbean rum — according to the brand's website — and fresh dairy cream with cinnamon and other secret ingredients, RumChata is a boozy take on horchata, a drink that's popular in Mexico and Spain.

Original horchata is made with rice, milk, cinnamon, and sugar, and is simply delicious over ice, according to The Spruce Eats, while RumChata adds a little kick of alcohol to give this drink an edge. So, what exactly can you mix with this stuff? Well, pretty much anything, as it turns out. This versatile liqueur can find a place in a huge variety of cocktails, whether you want a fancy highball, a creamy nightcap, a festive cocktail, or even a boozy dessert. Frankly, RumChata is also great iced and on its own as a sipping drink.

RumChata goes great with coffee and hot chocolate

Thrillist offers some great advice and tips for creating a tasty RumChata treat. Rather than adding cream or a splash of overly-sweet Bailey's to your cup of joe, the outlet recommends adding some RumChata to a cold brew coffee. If coffee isn't your jam, try adding RumChata to hot chocolate instead. 

For an easy boozy hot chocolate recipe — that sounds utterly decadent and delicious — Thrillist says to mix cocoa powder with milk on your stovetop. Then pour it into a glass with RumChata and top with whipped cream. To really spice things up, you can try adding RumChata to Fireball Liqueur (called a RumBall). The cinnamon flavors combine and the creamy texture of RumChata makes for a delicious drink to sip over ice. 

Perhaps you're hoping for something more up the dessert alley? Savory Simple's recipe will instruct you on how to whip up an adult milkshake using RumChata and vanilla ice cream. RumChata's website also provides some tips, and suggests making a RumChata float with root beer. Yummy!