The Unusual Material The Pioneer Woman's Countertops Are Made Of

The kitchen is the focal point of most people's home. It's where we bake cookies with our kids, entertain, break bread, and share in conversation with family and friends as we gather around the table, after all, making it a significant part of our culture and society. For celebrity chefs, it's no different. If you have ever tuned into Food Network's The Pioneer Woman, you have probably found yourself drooling over Ree Drummond's kitchen, where she whips up her ranch-style fare for her family and friends. The Oklahoma born, downhome cook left her native state to attend the University of Southern California only to be swept off her feet by her husband, who brought her back to the Sooner nation (via But Drummond clearly brought back some of that California style when designing her kitchen  

Per Food Network, the cookbook author set to work with her mother-in-law in 2008 to plan and create the perfect kitchen for Drummond to dream up the cowboy-inspired dishes that have become her calling card, and it definitely has us talking. One of the features of Drummond's kitchen that has us truly jelly are those countertops — specifically, the continuous countertop where her kids can pull up a barstool to eat her delicious food. If you have truly been paying attention, you will recall that Drummond's continuous countertop is made from an unusual, but trendy material.   

Ree Drummond's countertops are made from this unconventional composite

According to Food Network, Ree Drummond's continuous countertop is made from concrete. What made her opt for this seemingly unconventional choice? She told her parent network, "It looked like a sidewalk to me." But concrete countertops have been en vogue for some time. Per the Concrete Network, Buddy Rhodes, long considered the "father" of this countertop invention, told the blog in 2003, "Since more and more people have concrete counters, fireplaces, etc., the demand is literally pushing our industry." However, before you jump on the concrete countertop bandwagon to emulate Drummond, there are a few things you should consider.

Per Country Living, concrete definitely measures up to the durability test, and points out that it is heat resistant, can be made with recycled materials, and it is easy to customize the color. With that said, they require a lot of maintenance. If you know anything about concrete then you know it is susceptible to cracks and can easily stain, even after you seal it. Some people don't mind these qualities and characteristics of the concrete countertop. In fact, they think it adds to the character of the surface. Concrete countertops can definitely add that je n'ai sais quoi element to your kitchen as long as you don't mind the upkeep.