Why Duff Goldman Gets So Emotional During Kids Baking Championship

Celebrity chef and TV personality Duff Goldman is no stranger to the world of baking and television shows. As per the Food Network, the baking veteran has been remarkably impressed by the sheer amount of talent that he's seen on the competitive show, Kids Baking Championship. He currently hosts the show with actress Valerie Bertinelli.

He spoke to Food Network about how marvelous the contestants have been while competing against each other, something that definitely blew his mind. Goldman explained, "Baking is a discipline; it takes years to get good at. And these guys walked in, these little kids, and they were incredible. Absolutely, from the get-go they just blew me away [with] their poise." Whew! 

One of the things that he absolutely loves about the show is the fact that kids aren't afraid of displaying their enthusiasm when baking. Adults tend to hold back. Goldman found himself really connecting with the kids as he watched them come up with incredible desserts. As he explained, "When I get enthusiastic, I show it — because I am also a 12-year-old."

It's hard for Duff Goldman to remain stoic

For Duff Goldman and Valerie Bertinelli, it can be really hard sometimes as hosts to stay away from the action and not offer help when they see some of the children stumbling a little on Kids Baking Championship. They just cannot resist the urge to come in with a few words of advice (via Distractify).

"A few times I've begged our producer to let me help someone and she always tells me no," Bertinelli said. As far as Goldman, he simply cannot help but be impressed by how tough the kids are no matter what they're going through while competing. He explained, "These kids have such a backbone. If you were to critique my food the way we do theirs, I'd be like, 'You're wrong!'"

What's clear is that it's incredibly difficult to not get swayed while watching the kids give their best shot. For Goldman, it's especially tricky to stay stoic when he knows a talented baker is simply experiencing a roadblock. He mentioned that he has teared up in the past when he's seen children struggle on the show. Goldman explained, "They were just baking their hearts out. I couldn't help it."