Nigella Lawson Credits These Two Things For Her Great Skin

Cookbook author and television personality Nigella Lawson has been tantalizing foodies around the world with her tasty dishes for over three decades now, ever since her first cookbook, How To Eat, was published in 1998 (via The Guardian). In addition to her prowess in the kitchen, Nigella absolutely glows — and she recently delighted her fans by sharing some of her skincare secrets.

Nigella doesn't shy away from including decadent ingredients in her meals, from double cream to butter, and actually credits eating lots of fats as one of the reasons she has such amazing skin (via The Guardian). According to BBC Good Food, skin cells are surrounded by layers of fat that help skin look youthful and plump. Dietary fats are incorporated in this layer, so eating fats such as omega-3 fatty acids can help your appearance just as much as those expensive creams and lotions.

Another one of Lawson's secrets is simply avoiding the sun — something that any skincare junkie will know is crucial. Research from the American Academy of Dermatology claims that simply staying clear of the sun can shave 20 years off your appearance. And, incorporating this practice involves more than just avoiding laying out and sizzling on a hot summer day. It means wearing sunscreen every single day (yes, even on cloudy or winter days), and in particular steering clear of the sun at the time of day when the rays are the strongest, between 10 am and 3 pm (via WebMD).

Look to the kitchen for even more skincare secrets

While avoiding the sun and consuming plenty of fats were Nigella Lawson's latest reveals, fans have been clamoring to know all her beauty secrets for ages, and she has spoken about a few skincare tips before.

Back in 2018, in an interview with The Sun, she revealed a particularly unique tip that raised many eyebrows. Apparently, Nigella isn't afraid to look for budget-friendly solutions to keep her skin glowing, and one such hack includes the use of silicone gloves. No, it's not that she uses them to apply her lotions and potions, but rather to exfoliate. She turns to rubber gloves that have the textured silicone palms in order to slough off her dead skin cells and get a glowing complexion.

However, be warned — cosmetic doctor Vincent Wong admitted to the same publication that the tool was a bit rough on the skin, and could actually be damaging in the long run.

Nigella doesn't avoid skincare products altogether, though. In 2019, she raved in a column about a particular product she simply couldn't get enough of: Garden of Wisdom's 100% Prickly Pear Seed Oil (via The Daily Mail). The all-purpose product is utterly transformative, in her eyes, and in addition to slathering it on her face, she has also used it on her cuticles, elbows, hair, and hands.