Good News For Costco Food Court Fans

Loyal Costco shoppers, it seems the clouds have finally parted and let the sun shine on the beloved Costco food court. If you're missing giant menu boards and waiting in line to order famous $1.50 hot dog combos more than usual during your trip to this wholesaler, worry not, as it looks like that will all be resolved. According to CNN, the Costco food court is set to open back after a year of closure due to the ongoing pandemic.

Thousands of food establishments took to takeout only, and Costco's famous food court wasn't spared. For hungry shoppers, this meant taking their pizza slices and sundaes out to their cars along with hauling their giant shopping carts. Now, however, not only will the wholesale chain bring back chairs and tables for both outdoors and indoors as COVID restrictions begin to lift, but it will also bring back fan favorites to its acclaimed menu, per Business Insider.

The Costco food court is back, kind of

Notably a huge part of the Costco shopping experience, thanks in large part to the chain's appealing strategy, the food court has garnered a cult following thanks to its low-priced menu that ranges from whole pizzas to salads and, of course, the famous hot dog combo that hasn't changed since 1985 (via Business Insider). The food court menu will once again feature crowd favorites such as ice cream, smoothies, and churros. For Costco members who are considering paying their nearest store a visit just for the food, we don't blame you!

"The food courts work. They're one of the things we're known for," said Costco Chief Financial Officer Richard Galanti to CNN. "We're pleased that they're coming back." We can practically hear the 105 million Costco members (via Statista) jumping for joy! While the reopening will take some time and won't happen overnight, we're happy to hear things are getting back to normal, at least at Costco.