Aldi Just Temporarily Brought Back These Fan-Favorite Hummus Flavors

As with the best deals at Aldi, this flavored hummus is expected to go fast. Don't miss your chance to grab this deal before it's gone for good. Don't just take our word for it. As shared by the savvy Aldi scout, aldifavoritefinds, on Instagram, "These three flavors of hummus are back again but hurry because as with most AldiFinds, they are only here for this week. I grabbed the pickle one but haven't tried it yet but I will let you know when I do! Has anyone tried any of these in previous years? Let us know in the comments! Tap the bookmark icon to save this to your shopping list."

This deal is listed as "Here Today, Gone Tomorrow" on Aldi shelves for only $1.95 for each 8-ounce container. The available hummus flavors to choose from include caramelized onion, dill pickle, and garlic dill. Sold under Aldi's Park Street Deli brand, these tasty dips are labeled as vegan and gluten-free. Clearly, we all need more delicious hummus in our lives, the only real questions are which flavor and how to eat it.

This Aldi fan favorite has a favored variety

Responding to the post by aldifavoritefinds, one Instagram user gushed, "love the dill pickle one. It's so good with pretzel thins [yum emoji" while another shared, "The pickle hummus is my favorite!!!! [love and flaming hot emojis]." Taking total fan feedback into account, it does seem like the dill pickle is the clear favorite. 

Other unofficial taste testers were huge fans of the garlic, as shared in reply to a post by theamazingaldi on Instagram: "I love the organic garlic hummus!! The best." Another garlic dill fan described the experience in comments on the Instagram account of aldi.mademedoit: "Garlic dill is soooo good. Garlic first then aftertaste of dill...yum!"

We know at mashed that we can enjoy hummus on so many varieties of food – with chips, dipping carrots, spread atop a bagel or sandwich, or as part of a delicious Mediterranean dinner. There are literally so many tasty ways to eat this spread. While dill got a lot of love, shoppers might also be intrigued by the caramelized onion, which seems like it might be tasty in an unexpected way. User emmmma_caroline said, "The caramelized onion one is... good? But also weird??"

So what's your dill, pickle? It's time to get to Aldi and try it for yourself.