These Are The Best Types Of Cooking Oils To Use With A Wok

From stir fry to cooking a variety of recipes, a wok can be a versatile cooking tool. However, when using a wok, one important ingredient can make a difference between a great dish and a bitter one. It really comes down to the best types of cooking oils used. Since wok cooking usually uses a very high temperature, the cooking oil needs to have a high smoke point. While Andrew Zimmern refers to wok cooking as releasing the "signature smoky dragon's breath flavor," the reality is that the high heat cooking dictates the types of cooking oils used. An oil without a high smoking point will burn and a dish will have a bitter taste (via Spruce Eats).

Becasue of this, FoodsGuy recommends using "coconut, sesame, vegetable, avocado, and grapeseed oils." Each of these cooking oils have a high smoke point. But while that characteristic is similar, the flavors are not. As discussed previously, the oil's flavor should either complement the other ingredients or be neutral. For example, refined coconut oil may not have a lot of coconut flavor. Also, grapeseed oil has light flavor and lets ingredients in the dish shine. While the wok might be a versatile cooking tool, the cooking oil used in it matters. However, if you want your wok to truly do its magic, you also need to choose the right ingredients.

Reasons why wok cooking makes an easy dinner

As Business Insider stated, if you want dinner in under 10 minutes, using a wok can be a great option and a few tricks can make it even tastier. From avoiding standing in front of a hot oven or just being impatient, the high heat and ease of use, often make a wok a popular kitchen tool. Although it might seem like easy cooking, these suggested tricks can make that wok dish go from blah to wow.

Like many recipes, seasoning matters. From layering seasoning throughout the cooking process to using an appropriate amount, all these items are key to a great final dish. Also, some ingredients can be added just for the aroma. For example, garlic cloves can be used during cooking but removed before serving. The garlic adds depth to the flavor, like a seasoning, but is omitted on the plate so not to overpower the overall dish. In the end, wok cooking might be easier than home cooks realize. From a quick dinner to a flavorful meal, it might be time to take a whiff of that smoky dragon's breath.