The Advice Cat Cora Wishes She Could Give To Her Younger Self

Celebrity chef Cat Cora is an expert at multi-tasking and juggling several roles with panache. As per her website, she's a chef, an author, an entrepreneur, a television personality, a philanthropist, a dedicated mom, and more. 

Cora hustled before finding fame as a chef; she studied at the Culinary Institute of America and also worked at a couple of restaurants in France, upgrading her skills in the kitchen. She also won over her audiences after venturing into the world of television in 1999, making a solid impact with shows like Melting Pot and Simplify Your Life. Cora also inspired audiences after she became the first female chef to win on Iron Chef America.

Cora was ambitious and determined even as a young chef when she was trying to make her way into food television (via Money). At the time, the industry was dominated mostly by male chefs. "I just wanted to be the best chef I could be — have a restaurant and maybe one day do a little cookbook," she explained. "All the chefs I knew were blue-collar." Cora added that celebrity chefs were just starting to get known and she couldn't resist being a part of the movement.

Cora would offer encouragement to her younger self

In an Instagram post, Cora wrote a touching caption that included words of advice to her younger self. "If I could write my younger self a letter I would tell her that she is strong," she shared. "She will face struggles in her life but she will persevere and rise to the top because she is unbroken, and she is a champion."

Cora's fans especially loved this kind note from Cora, and appreciated her honesty. Many came forward with advice for their younger selves. For example, one commentator wrote that they would remind themselves to remember body size shouldn't be tied to self worth. "Took me 41 years to realize that," they lamented. 

Cora dealt with rejection as a young chef before she worked in France. According to The Oracle, many kitchens turned her down at the beginning of her career. "I got 10 rejection letters telling me that they do not accept woman in the kitchen and those words were actually written in the letter," she revealed. Thankfully, the chef didn't let that stop her from chasing her culinary dreams and shattering gender-based stereotypes over the years.