Cat Cora Reveals The Life Advice Julia Child Gave Her

Celebrity Chef Cat Cora is an incredibly accomplished food artist who got her start at the young age of 15. She first made her way into our homes in 1999, appearing as a co-host on Food Network's Melting Pot with Rocco Di Spirito, which served as a catalyst for her to work on a laundry list of successful cooking shows, and to earn numerous accolades and awards along the way (via D'Artagnan). 

During her storied career, Cora has learned a lot about being the first to do something. Most of us know Cora as the first woman Iron Chef, but according to the Culinary Institute of America, Cora was the 25th chef and the first woman to be inducted into the cooking school's Hall of Fame. Those are definitely accomplishments to be celebrated. And if you have ever wondered who are the people who supported Cora and served as her pillars of inspiration along the way, you might be surprised to learn she had several mentors to help guide her through her rise to fame during her culinary journey. Few chefs can boast that the likes of legendary celebrity chefs like Julia Child and Jacques Pepin to help guide their careers, but Cora can. In fact, Cora once shared the life advice Child gave to her and that has been her North star ever since.

'Pay it forward'

Cora revealed in a Food Network interview that Julia Child's words of advice are words she tries to live by. Child told Cora to "Always pay it forward. I'm giving you advice now and helping you, but always make sure you pay that forward to young cooks." Cora went on to share that these words have become her philosophy in both her professional career and her personal life, noting that she always tries to make herself available to share advice about what she has learned along the way with up and coming young chefs. 

But those were not the only words of wisdom and support Child imparted on Cora. Child also urged Cora to go to the Culinary Institute of America to get her culinary degree, which may have been the biggest decision that contributed to Cora's own success. Cora also said of Child, "She taught me a lot about integrity, being gracious and about always being a student. You never quit learning, always be a student of cooking." Child certainly sounds like she was an incredible mentor, and it's nice to know her legacy is still alive and well in the cooking careers of current and future chefs.