Everything You Need To Know About Jamie Oliver's New Cookbook

British chef, TV personality, and author Jamie Oliver has a cookbook for every occasion. His publisher, Penguin Books, lists an amazing 24 cookbooks so far, cranked out over the past 22 years. He's taught us how to cook in 15 minutes and in 30 minutes. He's given us recipes for comfort food and vegetarian food. He has books about Italian cooking, American cooking, cooking on a budget, and cooking for Christmas

He set the tone for his career with his first cookbook, The Naked Chef, in 1999. The title proves that Oliver had mastered the art of clickbait before YouTube was even invented. The book is not what you might be picturing. Oliver had launched a British cooking show of the same name, and the "naked" refers to Oliver's stripped-down style of cooking (via Now to Love). His unpretentious yet delicious approach to food earned Oliver a mass audience. A couple dozen cookbooks later, and Oliver is the bestselling nonfiction author ever in the U.K. (via The Guardian).

Fresh off his latest book, 7 Ways, published in August, Oliver is already announcing his next cookbook. Oliver chose a word for the title that we haven't been using much over the past year: Together. The occasion for Oliver's next cookbook is a happy one, indeed. It's about preparing meals for a crowd of guests (via She Knows).

Jamie Oliver's new cookbook for large gatherings comes out in September

After most people are vaccinated against COVID-19 and social restrictions are lifted, Jamie Oliver is betting people will be eager to host dinner parties, brunches, and holiday gatherings in 2021. Neither the U.K. nor the U.S. is completely clear of the pandemic yet, but Oliver's book isn't scheduled for release until September. The new cookbook, with the full title Together: Memorable Meals, Made Easy, will show us how to throw a big party in true Oliver fashion – without too much fuss, so the cook can have fun, too (via She Knows).

"By September, fingers crossed, we're going to be able to have our family back around our house – our friends," Oliver said in a video on Instagram. His new book, he added, is "all about arming you to get ahead of the game, to take the stress out."

Oliver goes on to explain that Together will cover all bases, from the main dish to canapés, cocktails, and table settings. The book is geared to accomplished cooks and beginners both. "I've tried to really have ... a new, modern look at what it means to have a dinner party," Oliver said.

The chef also announced that the new cookbook is tied to a new television series and two new Christmas specials. Oliver is looking at a very busy 2021, indeed. But we don't doubt he's hatching the idea for yet another new cookbook as we speak.