What Andrew Zimmern Says Is Important To Know About Your Food

Celebrity chef Andrew Zimmern has a lot to be proud of. As explained on his official website, the chef decided to pursue the culinary arts when he was very young. Zimmern also made it a priority to further his skills in the kitchen by working in a plethora of eateries in New York City, and he didn't shy away from working hard. Additionally, Zimmern also helped established scores of restaurants and made a name for himself as a charismatic television personality, known for his incredible cooking tips. 

Zimmern's cooking tips are rather accessible and easy to follow, by the way. For example, he advises his fans to keep a few things in mind while cooking vegetables (via Food & Wine). "Always think in terms of layers of flavor and texture when cooking vegetables," he explained. Zimmern is also a big fan of including flavoring agents such as garlic cloves, bay leaves, herbs, and more.

Zimmern also has a very basic but essential food tip that he likes to follow, no matter where he is.

Zimmern advises others to learn more about their food

As per a tweet by PCDN Network, Zimmern thinks it's a smart idea to know where you're sourcing your food from instead of staying in the dark. The tweet quotes wise words from the chef who once said, "If you don't know where you food comes from, no matter what it is, you might not want to eat it." 

Zimmern's advice has been echoed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture; the organization advises everyone to pay attention to where their food is from. A description on the site explains that this knowledge helps immensely in terms of making informed choices about "quality, freshness, and nutritional value." As per the USDA, this strategy also goes a long way in supporting local economies. 

A Twitter user was critical, though, and joked that Zimmern eats the most random dishes on television and isn't exactly known for being careful. "This is coming from a dude that made a living eating bugs and sh** from the floor of an Asian market. Lol," they wrote. "Zimmern is awesome though." Oops!