This Is Why Dunkin's Hash Browns Are So Delicious

Hash browns deserve to have Shakespearean sonnets, Greek epics, and prestige HBO dramas written about them. They're the ultimate form of potato, deep-fried champions that are socially acceptable to nom on at breakfast — or lunch, or dinner if you can get them. To dislike the humble yet stellar hash brown ... well, that would be a pretty bold move.

Fast food agrees. As you're likely well aware, there are many different fast food joints that serve up A+ versions of hash browns. And one of those places is Dunkin'. Yup, that's right, the donut people are actually pretty great at potatoes, too. Across Twitter, a heap of different diners has hyped this place's spuds. As one user tweeted, "Dunkin hash browns are the best things to ever exist." Another stated, plainly but powerfully, that "Dunkin hash browns are perfect."

But why do so many folks vibe with these potatoes? And what makes Dunkin's hash browns so beloved amongst their devotees? Well, if you want to know why these snacks are so delicious, then you don't have to hold your horses. Because we're about to go through all the reasons why they're clutch. This is why Dunkin's hash browns are so delicious.

Dunkin's hash browns smell good

In 2013, a Twitter user asked the question, "Why do dunkin hash browns have to smell so d*** good?" Rhetorical or not, this question regrettably didn't receive any answers. But besides the fact that this query has most likely remained an online mystery, for some folks, Dunkin's hash browns do indeed have an enticing scent.

First, what does the smell of a hash brown — or any other food, for that matter — how to do with its taste? Fair enough. According to Scientific American, humans have retronasal passages in our faces that allow the typical nose to smell food when it's inside of our mouth. What's more, this internal scent can influence how we perceive the food's flavor profile. Essentially, given all the connections between our mouth and nose, the senses of taste and smell are deeply intertwined. Ergo, a great smelling Dunkin hash brown could impact someone's decision to declare that they're great. You don't even have to be a supertaster to agree on this point.

Dunkin's hash browns are soft and pillowy

Texture is, to say the least, an important factor when determining whether or not something's delicious. Take, for instance, a sponge cake that's both dry and feels like a dense cement block from 1983. Such a dish would potentially be pretty rubbish to try and chow down on. Or, on the other end of the spectrum, imaging trying to eat a bagel that has the consistency of a bowl of soup. Yuck, right?

So, with those nightmares in mind, how does the humble Dunkin' hash brown compare? In 2016, Business Insider reported that they were on the softer side, but were "incredibly flavorful." So, if you like your morning spuds to be nice and plush and don't especially care about the crisp factor, then the Dunks has got your back. Arguably, not every hash brown has to be crunchy to be delicious.

You can order extra crispy Dunkin' hash browns

While some eaters out there like a hash brown with a softer texture compared to the competition, such treats are not everyone's cup of joe. So, to be fair, we should acknowledge that Dunkin's hash browns certainly have their fair share of critics. A 2017 article on DC Outlook certainly felt that way, calling this menu item "six tiny pieces of soggy potato." Such a review might make you think twice about ordering these little guys, but never fear if you still love the crisp.

For those who absolutely must have a crispy hash brown from Dunkin', it is possible to get crispy hash browns there, especially if you come across a generous employee. As one Twitter user proclaimed, "Shout out to home girl at Dunkin who just gave me 10 crispy hash browns instead of 6." Plus, another account recounted, "Dunkin finally made me crispy hash browns."

So, if you're the sort of person that wants some crusted morning vegetable from Dunkin's, how do you get them? And the answer to that question is pretty straightforward: just ask. Your server isn't a mind reader, after all. Requesting a pack of these spuds in their crispy form will hopefully increase your chance of receiving them thusly.

Dunkin's hash browns are well seasoned

On the surface of our small, fragile planet Earth, some big-wig hash browns aren't herbed and spiced out to the max. This is certainly the case for Taco Bell's breakfast potatoes, which, according to their ingredients list, are just flavored with salt and dextrose, a simple sugar. Furthermore, the hash brown seasoning over at McDonald's isn't much more lavish than that, with the additions of black pepper and "natural beef flavor".

Now, there's nothing wrong with a simply flavored hash brown. However, if you're ever in the mood for a version that has a bit more to it than a dash of salt and pepper, then Dunkin' has got you covered. Their hash browns contain garlic powder, onion powder, and parsley, along with some other unspecified spices. Dunkin' later revealed that at least one of those spices is sage, which lends a warm, savory edge to these hash browns.

So, with all of this info in mind, how do these herbed and spiced hash browns actually taste?  Insider reckoned they're flavorful, exclaiming that Dunkin's potatoes "were seasoned much better" than a comparative offering from Canadian favorite Tim Hortons.

Dunkin's hash browns are good and hot

If you've chewed on a cold hash brown, then you probably know how devastating an experience it might be. The texture can be off, the oil may be slimy, and the overall product just hits a pretty sour note in your morning. To boot, if you've purchased such a product, then you might feel like you've been low-key ripped off. It's only potatoes, after all, but you still might feel pretty let down. 

Thankfully, for those of us that enjoy these spuds warm, Dunkin' has got it covered. This is because they've reported that their hash browns get heated up in toaster ovens before getting served to the general public. Ergo, no one should ever receive a bag of these thrills that are tepid, cold, freezing, or anything in between or just short of properly heated glory. Unless something's gone wrong at your local Dunkin', you're assured to have good, hot hash browns every time you order.

Vegans and vegetarians can safely enjoy Dunkin's hash browns

While Dunkin's breakfast potatoes are enjoyed by many, they're nowhere as championed as the ones made by McDonald's. After all, the Golden Arches' version was called the best fast food hash brown by both Spoon University and The Sheaf. So, how can Dunkin' hope to beat this carby fast food juggernaut?

However, while a lot of people enjoy chowing down on a McDonald's hash brown, there are detractors. For some other eaters, the fact that McDonald's hash browns aren't vegan is a pretty considerable roadblock. According to World of Vegan, this restaurant's hash browns have milk in them — very much not a vegan-friendly ingredient. Before 1990, they were also cooked in beef fat, making them inappropriate for both vegans and vegetarians. McDonald's has since changed up their recipe to use vegetable oil for frying, with added natural beef flavor (via Better Homes & Gardens). As it turns out, quite a few restaurants aren't friendly to vegetarians and vegans.

It's therefore worth noting that Dunkin's variant doesn't contain any animal products, like a small selection of other Dunkin' menu offerings (via Dunkin'). For vegans, the fact that they can chow down on Dunkin's hash browns like their carnivore counterparts makes these little potato rounds pretty delicious all on their own. And for you meat-eaters out there, isn't it all the more delicious to know that you can share these with everyone in your friend group?

Dunkin's donuts and hash browns play very well together

Savory sweet combos are the knees of a spectacular bee. Salted caramel popcorn? Absolutely! Sweet potato fries? Amazing. However, would eating a Dunkin hash brown with a Dunkin donut be a life-affirming decision? Thrillist believes so, joking that "our brain power has been drained as a direct result of pairing these 'hash browns' with miniature donuts."

However, regrettably, Thrillist never outlined which Munchins or mini donuts work best with these salty breakfast shapes. Do Dunkin's Cinnamon Munchkins compliment their hash browns the most? Or, do their Jelly Munchkins make for a better combo? Or, is it a case that every hash brown and sugary donut tag team is a total success? If you want answers to these unresolved questions, then your new life calling might be waiting in the wings. Get a bag each of Munchkins and hash browns, then get to researching. Given that savory and sweet flavors are scientifically proven to compel us humans, according to Business Insider, you'll likely be pleasantly surprised by your hash brown experiment.

Bite sized Dunkin' hash browns can be enjoyed like chips

Unlike some other fast food hash browns that come in a rectangle form, Dunkin's hash browns are reminiscent of miniature hockey pucks. As Dunkin's website has outlined, they come in a bag of six, so it's thankfully not as if you have to order them one at a time.

Furthermore, because these spuds are bite-sized, they are excellent to snack on. This was expressed by Buzzfeed, which claimed that there's "something special" about Dunkin's version of this item, which proves to be downright addictive, like your favorite bag of potato chips. Plus, there's just something about tiny food that's really compelling, which arguably translates to these itty bitty potato rounds. If you want some hash browns that are fun to munch on, then chances are pretty good that you'll adore Dunkin's bite-sized variant on the hash brown template. If you're a bit skeptical, feel free to go to one of their establishments, buy a pack, and do your own bit of fast food research!

Dunkin's hash browns are perfect in their sandwiches

For some citizens of humanity, a primo meal consists of fries placed on a burger. As one user on Twitter put it, "Always gotta throw some fries on a burger." Yessiree, there's just something about the salted texture of some fries that some people might enjoy on a nice bun.

Yet, while this potato on bread combo has a great reputation, it isn't the only one out there. If you want a meal with similar energy, but which is also unique and distinctive, then a chef named Suzi Gerber has a recommendation for you. In 2020, she told Business Insider that putting Dunkin's hash browns into their Beyond Sausage sandwiches makes for a pretty fantastic vegan meal — well, if you make a few modifications. Gerber stated, "I ditch the cheese [and egg] to make it 100% plant-based and I add mustard, hot sauce, and hash browns, and it is delicious – a little crunchy and salty, and super-filling." Why not try it next time you make it to Dunkin' and see for yourself?

You can use Dunkin' hash browns as a gourmet ingredient

Have you ever checked out a recipe, only discover that one of the ingredients listed in it is hash browns? Don't scoff quite so fast. Dunkin' has a set of food instructions on their site that could very well prove that their hash browns are a worthy member of a recipe lineup, like for Dunkin's cranberry brie hash brown canapés, featuring brie and a cranberry sauce made with Dunkin's Orange Coolatta drink.

Moreover, this isn't the only Dunkin' hash brown recipe that's out there. Back in 2014, the fast food chain published a hash brown nachos recipe, a BBQ hash brown canapés recipe, and a jalapeño canapé recipe that also features these spuds front and center. What's more, Dunkin' stated that the herbs and the spices in these potato disks pair well with a range of different tasting items, hopefully elevating them to more than mere fast food.

Don't forget the dipping sauce

There might come a day in your life where food that enthralls you is no longer cutting it, no matter how much you once loved it. And when that sad day comes, you may want to put a tad of something else onto this scrummy treat. For instance, if your favorite snack is a cookie, then you could sprinkle a pinch of sea salt on top of one. Or, if your go-to breakfast is half-a-dozen Dunkin' hash browns, then feel free to dip this purchase into a condiment of your choice. It's an easy fix that could bring new life to your fast food breakfast.

According to Twitter, these herbed and spiced spuds work wonderfully with a range of different toppings. As one user declared, "Next time you go to Dunkin ask for crispy hash browns with cream cheese and ancho sauce on top. You won't regret it." Another said, "Put ketchup on my dunkin coffee lid so i could dip my hash browns in it while i walked down the street #WhoNeeds3Hands."

Dunkin's hash browns are delicious because they complement a range of dips with many different flavors, whether that's barbecue sauce, ranch dressing, Sriracha, or something else entirely. All it takes is a brave soul with some coinage and the desire to eat some breakfast spuds with sauce to unlock true flavor glory.