Sour Patch Kids Is Coming Out With Its First-Ever Mystery Flavor. Here's What We Know So Far

On April 15, Sour Patch Kids announced that it will introduce a new flavor. However, it has refrained from stating what flavor the new kid will be. Rather, as the brand explained in a press release shared with Mashed, it will leave the flavor a mystery.

Until August 15, people are encouraged to submit their theorized flavor on to enter a sweepstakes, the grand prize of which is $50,000. You may submit one entry per day. Other prizes include a camera for five first prize winners, a tablet for second prize winners, a pair of binoculars for ten third prize winners, a detective pack containing a portable device finder, a hat and a pair of sunglasses for 50 fourth prize winners, a mini drone for ten fifth prize winners, a webcam cover for 50 sixth prize winners, and sunglasses for 50 seventh prize winners.

Entry into the sweepstakes doesn't depend on correctly guessing the new flavor. However, if you are more motivated by the mystery than by the prizes, clues will appear weekly on Sour Patch Kids' social media. At some point in August, the unknown flavor will finally be revealed.

Sour Patch Kids have never been afraid to mix it up

Unlike Airheads, which cheats by making their mystery flavor uncolored airheads, Sour Patch Kids are likely to have created a new flavor for its mystery addition. After all, even as its limited online store can attest, the brand has never backed down from adding new flavors into the mix.

In fact, even its current classic line up is a relatively new grouping. The original classic range of Sour Patch Kids, as Wide Open Eats details, consisted of green lime, yellow lemon, red cherry, and orange peach. Only in 2014 did the brand add the blue raspberry flavor. This isn't even touching on the watermelon, mango, or UK-exclusive blackcurrant flavors that, according to BabbleTop, have also become mainstays in the Sour Patch Kid ensemble.

The mystery flavor is unlikely to remain among the Sour Patch Kids line up, but we can trust that while it does, the brand has put some thought into how it should taste.