Sam Adams Wants To Buy You A Beer For Getting Vaccinated

As the COVID-19 vaccination rollout continues, our favorite food and beverage companies keep us excited to get the jab. According to Fortune, Krispy Kreme wants to give us donuts if we show off our vaccination card, while some companies plan to pay their employees for receiving the shot (via CNN). The list of businesses giving out freebies in exchange for showing off proof of vaccination continues to grow, as Sam Adams jumped on board with a very sweet deal.

In a recent Twitter post, the beer brand claims that as of this week, you can post a picture of your COVID-19 vaccination photo with the hashtag #ShotForSam and get a free beer. The promotion goes until May 15, meaning you have more than enough time to book an appointment and score a free beer. You may assume that Sam Adams wants to give you a Sam Adams beer, but don't make any assumptions. According to Sam Adams, as long as you post a picture of your vaccination sticker or bandage, the company plans to send you $7 via Cash App for a beer of your choosing. Make sure to avoid posting your actual vaccination card, as you wouldn't want to share any private info. You post the picture either on Twitter or Instagram, and don't forget to tag @samueladamsbeer to score the free beer.

Celebrate with Sam Adams once you're vaccinated

Like all promotions, some rules and conditions apply. According to Sam Adams, you need Cash App to receive your beer money and have to be over 21 years old. If you don't feel like posting a picture of your vaccine bandage on social media, you can also email a picture to Sam Adams at their promotional email, Over the course of the promotion Sam Adams plans to select 10,000 winners to receive the beer, so make sure you post early if you want the company to buy you a beer. 

With a deal like this, we can't help but get excited to schedule the jab and enjoy a beer with Sam Adams. As long as we move quickly, we can lean back with a cold one while enjoying the knowledge that we did our part and can stay healthy. If you want to take advantage of this promotion, make sure to move fast! Once they hand out all the beers, you'll have to find another company to celebrate with.