Use This Hack To Quickly Warm Up Eggs For Baking

If you've ever found yourself whipping up a classic vanilla cake or festive birthday cake for a friend or family member, then you've probably happened upon a recipe step that calls for adding room temperature eggs to the mix. Of course, most of us tend to skip over that bit and simply go to the fridge to fetch a couple of cold ones to beat into the batter. (Who has time to let them warm up?) But, according to the blog Ricardo Cuisine, there is a method to that seemingly unnecessary madness. The site shares that room temperature eggs can actually give baked goods greater volume (leading to better look and taste) and will ultimately mix better with other ingredients. Not only that but using cold eggs when a recipe calls for room temperature will add to your bake time. 

So, what do you do if you find yourself in this common baking conundrum? The internet has come to the rescue yet again with an easy hack that will warm those cold eggs up in no time.

Warm water does the trick

Per Food Network, if you find yourself in need of room temperature eggs, put them in a bowl of warm water for five minutes. This hack will quickly bring up the temperature of uncracked eggs, offering a minimal delay as you mix up the batter for whatever tasty dessert you might be baking. In another helpful tip, Bon Appétit shares that you want the water to feel like a warm bath but not too hot so you don't end up actually cooking the eggs. They also suggest looking at your recipe closely at the beginning stages of your prep to determine if it calls for room temp eggs so that you can do the bath as the first step and use your time wisely to measure out everything else. 

However, Bon Appétit only recommends this method if your recipe calls for whole eggs. If your dish requires separating the egg yolk from its white counterpart, they note that it's much more efficient to do that step when eggs are cold. That's because the yolk breaks more readily when it's warm, making it a literal mess. Instead, it's advised to separate first and once that's done, you can place each part into individual ramekins and place them into a cake pan. Pour hot water in the pan and let the yolks and whites warm up for 5 to 10 minutes to get them to room temp and get on with making something delicious.