Read This If You Recently Bought Tortilla Chips At Trader Joe's

Shoppers with food allergies need to put down the bag of TJ's chips, specifically those with a milk or dairy allergy. Trader Joe's has issued a pre-emptive recall of their restaurant-style white corn tortilla chips (via FDA). The product could contain an unlisted milk allergen. No illness or reactions have yet been reported and this recall was initiated after notification from their chip supplier (via Trader Joe's website). The recall is specific to the white corn tortilla chips and does not affect other colors of tortilla chips or other types of chips at this chain. Customers may return their products for a full refund.

The affected bags can be identified as "Trader Joe's Restaurant Style White Corn Tortilla Chips (SKU# 58073)" that have sell-by dates of 08/09/21, 08/10/21, and 08/11/21. These bags are all the 9-ounce variety and have been distributed in 22 states as well as Washington, DC. The locations include Alabama, Arizona, New York, Texas, and Washington.

Milk allergies are serious

Even if you don't have a severe milk allergy yourself, you may want to exchange or toss your bag if you plan to be bringing chips to any gathering or attending that neighborhood barbecue. If this item does contain unidentified dairy, it could lead to an unsuspecting consumer having a serious allergic reaction. While for many people, this reaction might be mild, with symptoms including a runny nose or stomach upset, for others milk allergies can cause severe reactions such as anaphylaxis (via Mayo Clinic). Either way, it's important to notify a doctor if symptoms arise.

In 2019, Ohio youth Logan Lewis died at the age of 20 after accidentally consuming a beverage that contained milk (via Today). Unable to get to his Epi-pen on time, the young man passed away at his college dorms after what for most would be a simple mistake. Those with severe allergies can react to allergen amounts as small as a cheese-dusted chip hitting them in the face or supposedly "milk-free" powdered eggs that contain dairy – amounts of milk that many without allergies might never even notice.

Trader Joe's chips might be fine for many, but please don't take unnecessary chances with allergens for others.