The Truth About Drizly

Until recently, the thought of alcohol delivery was an urban fantasy. But Drizly, the best alcohol delivery service (according to this piece from, has made the dreams of the masses come true with its easy and accessible platform. Pick and choose your favorite beer, wine, and liquor brands from the comfort of your home and have them delivered to your door within minutes.

But how exactly has Drizly skyrocketed its popularity without any legal speed bumps? It's easy to assume that since alcohol is so heavily regulated there would be some major obstacles. Surprisingly though, there aren't as many as you'd think.

It all came down to verifying consumer's IDs, which the Drizly team approached with a mere brush of the shoulder. In connection with Advanced ID Detection and the birth of their new mobile app, Mident, Drizly verifies IDs from the convenience of wherever you're purchasing. Easy peasy, Malibu-Bay-Breezy (via VentureFizz).

How does Drizly work?

In a few simple steps—whether on your home computer or using Drizly's mobile app on your phone—you can have your favorite alcohol brands at your front door. Your first and most important step is to confirm your location to a) make sure Drizly services your area and b) see which local liquor stores carry your desired brands.

Then comes the fun part. Choose among a plethora of beer, wine, liquor, and mixer brands as if you were in the store yourself. Feeling a little rosé now and a beer later? The world is yours on Drizly. You also get to choose which stores you'd like to support based on the bottles you choose!

Once your cart is full and you're ready to check out, you'll plug in your birthdate and will see a note that your delivery driver will check your ID upon arrival to confirm your age. With what is essentially two to three forms of checking your ID, the Drizly team has age verification covered (via Drizly).