Costco Fans Are Obsessed With These Fruity Melona Ice Cream Bars

Costco is a retail giant that rarely disappoints. It has plenty to offer in terms of accessible, affordable products. As per Good Housekeeping, it's considered to be one of the biggest chains of its kind in the country. Thankfully, no matter what your preferences are, you're bound to like something at the store thanks to its massive selection. 

From mochi ice cream to Haagen-Dasz ice cream bars, Costco's frozen dessert selection always kicks it up a notch.

That's why Costco fans were thrilled to learn that Costco just brought back one of its delicious picks for summer. Spotted by Costco fan account @costbobuys, Melona frozen dessert bars are back on shelves. "They're back! We're obsessed with Melona ice cream bars! They're creamy, fruity, and they taste AMAZING!" @costco buys raved. This not-quite-ice-cream but not-quite-popsicle dessert is being sold for $11.99 for 24 whole bars. The best part? This fruity treat comes in unique flavors like melon, mango, and coconut.

Costco shoppers love Melonas

Costco fans on Instagram poured in to comment about the new frozen treat deal. "I hearttttt these and hoard these," one user joked. The account @costcobuys informed one follower that, though they're available in rich tropical flavors, these Melona bars are "not tangy, just sweet and creamy!"

Several fans wrote to say they've already been won over by Melona bars for years. One Instagrammer wrote, "I grew up on these and they are seriously one of man's best creations." Another commenter predicted that these Melona bars will become just as hard to find as the boba ice cream from Costco.

According to Binggrae's Melona website, these bars originally hail from South Korea, where they were first created back in 1992. With a fruity yet creamy texture, their closest comparison might be to a cup of gelato. Shoppers can choose from flavors such as Honeydew Melon, Banana, Strawberry, Coconut, and Mango. As per the brand, if you're looking for something that combines the flavors of popsicles and ice cream, you don't need to look further.