The Truth About Ina Garten's Friendship With Martha Stewart

Ina Garten and Martha Stewart both appear to have strong personalities, which has naturally led to a lot of people assuming that they wouldn't get along or wouldn't be friends. However, this is so far from the truth. As it turns out, Garten and Stewart are friends that have supported one anothers' careers for years, according to The Travel

While the duo is far from the clear chemistry that Stewart and Snoop have, they are not the fierce competitors that one might imagine. While Garten believes they have different presentation styles as she told Time, she also has so much appreciation for what Stewart has done for their industry. Garten went on to say, "I think she did something really important, which is that she took something that wasn't valued, which is home arts, and raised it to a level that people were proud to do it and that completely changed the landscape." However, there's more to their relationship than just respect. 

Martha Stewart helped Ina Garten get started

According to Time, Stewart kind of discovered Garten. They met in Garten's gourmet food store in East Hampton. "My desk was right in front of the cheese case and we just ended up in a conversation," Garten said. "We ended up actually doing benefits together where it was at her house and I was the caterer and we became friends after that." Though the two worked together on events, Stewart also had a hand in getting the Barefoot Contessa star her first cookbook.

Time explained that Stewart had introduced Garten to an editor, when the celebrity chef was putting together her first book proposal. Now Garten has a long line of successful cookbooks and is even working on a new one, according to a recent Instagram post. So, the next time you think the pair of friends are anything but that, think again. It takes an incredible friend to be an instrumental part of launching a successful career, no matter the industry.