What Martha Stewart Really Thinks About Snoop

The merger of Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg has proven to be one of those unique showbiz confluences that, on one hand, makes absolutely no sense while at the same time being completely, sublimely perfect. 

When Martha & Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party made its television debut in 2016, the combination of variety, cooking and celebrity chat proved to be an instant hit with viewers. According to an initial report in Deadline, the premiere episode attracted an audience of 2.3 million viewers. And those viewers kept tuning in, with ratings high enough to justify future seasons and a whole new format when the show returned in 2019, morphing into Martha & Snoop's Potluck Party Challenge

While the show's blend of cooking demonstrations and celebrity guests has been a winning one, at the heart of it all is the unique and thoroughly unforeseen rapport between Martha and Snoop. Not only does their opposites-attract relationship come across as sincere and heartfelt, but it's also proven to be one of television's most inspired and entertaining pairings. Both have had plenty to say about the other, so keep on reading to find out what Martha Stewart really thinks about Snoop.

Martha Stewart admits she and Snoop make a "weird couple"

Martha Stewart first met Snoop Dogg in 2008, when he was a guest on her daytime series The Martha Stewart Show. As video of that appearance demonstrates, the apparent polar opposites actually got along swimmingly from the very start. As they prepared mashed potatoes together, they displayed a funny, easy rapport that made the segment a joy to watch.

Years later, Martha looked back at their first joint TV appearance (no pun intended) during an interview with Today's Harry Smith. "What a weird couple we were," Martha recalled. "Yeah, we were odd," Snoop agreed. "But we fit right in. You know, cooking with Martha just seemed like the right space to be in."

Examining their relationship from a big-picture point of view, Martha sees her friendship with Snoop as a template that can be followed to help larger societal divisions. "The melding of cultures is really what I want to see happen in the United States and so does Snoop," Stewart told The Hollywood Reporter. "There shouldn't be any divides. There shouldn't be any question that we can all get together and get along. There shouldn't be any discrimination."

Martha Stewart tries to be a "good teacher" to Snoop in the kitchen

When it comes time for Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg to enter the kitchen and get cooking, there can only be one captain on that particular ship. "I can get a little bossy," Martha admitted in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, conceding that "I try to be a good teacher." 

Snoop has no arguments about the nature of that teacher-pupil dynamic. "Do what Martha says, that's the rule in the kitchen." he said. "We like to get taught like that." In fact, Snoop compared Martha's ownership of the kitchen to his own mastery when recording music. "If I was in the studio, this is what I do in the studio, I direct and I lead, and this is her studio, so I expect her to take the lead and show me where I need to be," he explained.

Rapper Remy Ma, a guest on Martha & Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party, explained to EW why she thought the pairing of Martha and Snoop was so ideal. "Snoop Dogg has the munchies — who else better to make your best friend than Martha Stewart?" she quipped.

Martha Stewart actually likes spending time with Snoop off-camera

By all accounts, the affection that Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg show for each other isn't an act they play up for the cameras. In an interview with Today, Snoop declared, "I love Martha, like I love her, like for real." 

Martha feels the same way, and in 2018 invited Snoop and his crew for lunch at her famed farm in Bedford, New York. As she wrote on her blog, they all "had a lovely time." Lunch included turkey meatloaf (made from turkeys raised on her farm, of course), spinach quiche, fried chicken, salmon tacos, and a fresh garden salad, featuring lettuce she grew herself.

"Snoop Dogg and five members of his gang stopped by the farm on their way to an event in New York City," she wrote in her post alongside a photo of everyone posing on the front steps of Chez Martha. While a fine time was had by all, Martha admitted in an interview with Talk Stoop with Nessa that Snoop did have an issue with some of her animals. "He got scared of the horses," she said. "They were bigger than he was."

The secret reason why Snoop made Martha Stewart extra-funny at Justin Bieber's roast

It was Martha Stewart's hilarious rapport with Snoop Dogg on the dais at Comedy Central's Roast of Justin Bieber that led to their being partnered for Martha & Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party. As viewers will recall, Martha absolutely slayed in her brutally hilarious takedown of the Canadian pop prince, hitting a few of her fellow roasters as comedic collateral damage along the way.

Sitting down with Seth Meyers on Late Night, Martha offered a pretty compelling argument about why she was extra funny that night. "We had to sit on the stage for four hours," she explained. Given that she was seated next to smokin' Snoop, "the secondary smoke is just as powerful as primary smoke. So I was totally high by the time I got up to that microphone."

As Martha recounted for The New York Times, during the time they sat together on the stage, "Snoop must have smoked 10 giant fat blunts, and I inhaled all that smoke. I felt really good." Thanks to that "contact high," she admitted, "I don't remember my performance at the roast, but it was very successful."

Martha Stewart prefers to steer clear of Snoop's trailer on the set

While Martha certainly enjoys spending time hanging out with Snoop, she has consistently refused to join her TV co-host in indulging in his favorite pastime. "She won't [get high with me]," Snoop lamented when he spoke with Us Weekly.

This, she explained, is why there's one area on the set of Martha & Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party that she has made it a point to avoid. "I made a pact early on doing this show that I would never enter Snoop's domain, his trailer," Stewart said in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. "I've never gone as far as the first steps into his trailer. All the guests go into his trailer, by the way. But not Martha." 

However, Martha clarified that just because she doesn't intend to get stoned with Snoop doesn't mean it doesn't occasionally happen — inadvertently, of course. "I get kind of high from secondary smoke. I'm not a smoker myself," she admitted, but pointed out that "the smoke is quite thick around the set."

Martha Stewart is impressed with Snoop's cooking

When Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg enter the kitchen together, the rapper is well aware of who's the boss when it comes to that aspect of their relationship. In an interview with CBS Sunday Morning, Snoop described his co-host as "the principal. She's like the president." 

However, Martha has also expressed her admiration for some of the dishes that Snoop creates. "I love his food, too," she told CBS Sunday Morning. "His Cornish game hens that he made yesterday were the best thing so far on this show." Snoop was pleased to hear that, revealing, "That was my mom's recipe!" As Martha explained, she tries to avoid having any preconceived notions of what Snoop can and can't do in the kitchen. "I have an open mind," she said.

Martha went even further with her praise in an interview with Today, admitting, "I actually like to watch him cook. I mean he's so particular, his little tiny bits of this and that, and it all finally comes together." 

Martha Stewart discovered that Snoop's a fast learner

One thing Martha Stewart has come to appreciate about Snoop's personality is that he's definitely one old Dogg who can learn some new tricks. "Snoop comes to me for just techniques and cooking, and he learns really quickly. I was surprised about that," Martha told Us Weekly. "I thought maybe he'd be a klutz, but he is not a klutz at all!"

For his part, Snoop humbly gives Martha full credit for his ever-expanding culinary skills. If he ever does manage to impress Martha with a dish he whips up, he's well aware that it's probably because Martha showed him how to do it. "I'm such a virgin to this, Martha's breaking me in," he told Us Weekly of the training that she's given him during their time together on Martha & Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party. "She's taking her time, and she's really molding me into the chef that I want to be."

Snoop has influenced Martha Stewart in a variety of areas

While Martha Stewart has imparted a lot of her know-how on Snoop Dogg, this has proven to be a two-way street. In an interview with Artful Living, Martha detailed some of the ways that he's shared his own experience with her. "Snoop has taught me so much about music and culture that I would never be privy to otherwise," she explained. "He is extremely knowledgeable, laid-back, smart, and a good businessman. We have a lot of fun together." 

Speaking with The Washington Post, Martha opened up about how Snoop had expanded her sonic horizons. "I've learned a lot about music from Snoop and our guests," she said, once again repeating that the rapper is "extremely knowledgeable" and "also very amusing." 

Snoop's influence on Martha can be seen in other areas beyond music. For example, she told AARP that Snoop showed her "how to cook bacon in a new way," and has also influenced her vocabulary and her sense of style. "I'm going home with a whole new lingo," she exclaimed. "I'm wearing a T-shirt. I'm wearing bling. I never wear bling!"

Martha Stewart thought Snoop was older than he actually is

Martha Stewart celebrated her 79th birthday in August 2020, while Snoop Dogg turned 48 in October of that same year. Despite a gap of more than three decades, Martha admitted that age has never been an issue between them. In fact, as she revealed in an interview with Global News, she actually thought Snoop was quite a bit older than his actual age. 

"He's a lot younger than you think he is," she admitted. "I just thought he was like, 60, like an old man. He's only 45 or something like that. And he's already a grandfather so we have that in common. He loves his grandchildren. He's a very intelligent, very fantastic musician, very knowledgeable and a lot more sophisticated than he comes across."

Meanwhile, in an interview with Talk Stoop with Nessa, Martha dropped another revelation about Snoop. "He doesn't eat too much," she shared. "He smokes a lot, but he doesn't eat too much." In addition, she revealed to Insider that Snoop "is very fussy about what he puts in that skinny body of his ... he eats very cleanly."

Martha Stewart has no judgement about Snoop getting high

Despite Martha Stewart's refusal to light up with Snoop Dogg, don't for a second think that she's uptight when it comes to his prodigious pot smoking. 

Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter in 2018, Martha insisted that she's "never been a prude" when it comes to Snoop's considerable cannabis consumption. "So someone smokes marijuana? Big deal! People smoke cigarettes and die from cancer. I haven't heard of anybody dying from cannabis," she explained. "I'm quite egalitarian and liberal when it comes to stuff like that."

At that time, Martha admitted she was actually considering getting into the marijuana business herself, and pointed to some cannabis-related opportunities that had crossed her path. "I've been asked to design recipes and even ointments, healthy ointments for humans as well as for animals like cats and dogs. I've had two companies recently in my office bringing in very interesting ointments, rubs and massage creams," she said. "I totally believe in that as a supplement to everyday good living."

Martha Stewart explained how Snoop got her involved in the cannabis business

In 2019, Martha Stewart followed through on her interest in getting into the cannabis biz when she and Canadian marijuana grower Canopy Growth announced they had entered a partnership that would see Stewart develop hemp-derived CBD — or cannabidiol — products for animals.

Speaking with Forbes, Martha credited her "good friend" Snoop Dogg for putting her in contact with the company, with which he was already in business. "The thought here was since my interest lies in animals and beauty, that it would be an advisory position in the CBD arena through a licensing agreement I will personally oversee," she explained of her role.

By the following year, Martha had expanded her product line to humans, including a CBD pâte de fruit. "I pop 20 of them and just feel OK," she said in a 2020 interview with The New York Times, "but some of my friends do two and feel high." For Martha, getting into the increasingly lucrative CBD business is right in line for someone who has long considered herself to be "an early adopter" of what's new. "I'm very interested in what is new and what is happening," she revealed.

Martha Stewart enjoys getting Snoop drunk

While Martha Stewart has admitted her reluctance to light up a spliff with Snoop Dogg, she's been known to mix up a cocktail or two for her co-star on Martha & Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party. As Snoop admitted to Us Weekly, "she gets me drunk every chance she gets!" 

It's a charge that Martha does not deny. In an interview with Town & Country, she referred to herself as "the cocktail mistress of the Martha & Snoop show. I make up all the cocktails and I feed them to Snoop, who's not really a drinker, so he gets totally drunk off of them." 

Snoop concurred, telling The Washington Post that he'd get hammered whenever an episode featured Martha whipping up cocktails. "Every episode I was drunk. Every one," he admitted. However, he also explained that the liquor also loosened him up in a way that proved to be beneficial for the show. "The lines become that much more easier, the flow becomes natural. It's more relaxing," he said. "You're not doing a job, you're just having fun."

Martha Stewart believes her friendship with Snoop is "good for the brand"

Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg aren't just co-stars, but genuinely like each other. "They are actual friends," Sally Ann Salsano, one of the producers of Martha and Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party, told CBS Sunday Morning.

Regardless of the genuineness of their relationship, Martha is also a savvy enough businesswoman to realize how much her association with the "Gin and Juice" rapper has expanded her own fanbase. "It's good for the brand," Martha told CBS Sunday Morning's Tracy Smith. "Oh, I'm so famous now, when I'm seen, I mean, everybody says 'Hello' to me, and I'm Martha to everyone. First-name basis. I know how Oprah must feel because she's a first-name also, and it's nice."

In fact, Martha credits Snoop for having "expanded my demographic exponentially," she told The Hollywood Reporter. "When I walk down the street now, every truck driver knows who I am. If I go through Harlem, every single guy on the street corner knows who I am."