Why Prepping For Guy's Grocery Games Is Nearly Impossible

It can be said that Guy's Grocery Games is one of the best cooking competition shows on television with a unique concept that appeals to many viewers. As per E! News, what Guy Fieri loves about the show is the fact that it focuses on one of the most basic activities linked to preparing meals: grocery shopping. Participants on Guy's Grocery Games are required to prove their mettle in more ways than one as they rush to pick out the right ingredients inside Fieri's grocery setup, Flavortown Market, and prepare an impressive meal in a short period of time (half an hour). 

Fieri thinks this is a worthwhile concept that challenges participants in a variety of ways. "You go to the store and you're shopping sometimes on a budget," he explained. "Sometimes you're shopping on a timeline. Sometimes you're shopping with your kids. So what we're doing is ... putting that into a culinary arena and I've got to tell you it's crazy." For culinary aspirants or seasoned chefs, winning Guy's Grocery Games is no cakewalk — and preparing for it is even harder.

The tasks are very challenging

Fieri thinks that preparing in advance for a show like Guy's Grocery Games isn't easy at all. He said that it's important to think about a few factors: not only are participants being filmed while they're racing to cook up a storm, they also have very little to work with (via Sway's Universe). Fieri explained that contestants have to deal with outlandish tasks such as using products from the frozen items section to make a regular dish like steak and potatoes. Man! 

Fieri knows that this is hard to accomplish. He shed some light on this when he said, "For a lot of chefs, including myself, I wouldn't know what to go get out of the frozen foods section and make steak and potatoes. You can't just get a Swanson Hungry Man and cook it up and go 'steak and potatoes.'" 

However, Fieri does have a few tips that can help chefs stand out while competing on Guy's Grocery Games. As per the Food Network, he advises contestants to avoid overdoing it in terms of preparing portion sizes and garnishing. Fieri also encourages everyone to innovate instead of being afraid to take risks. Also, it's vital to pay close attention to the seasoning in a dish and make sure it's on point.