Here's What Happens When You Add Too Many Eggs While Baking

When you nail the ratio of eggs to other ingredients in your baking recipes, your bakes can turn out looking and tasting like perfection. However, when you get it wrong, it can be a disaster so bad that you may be put off from baking for a while.

According to Kitchn, eggs play a crucial role in baking. They give your batter structure and stability, making your cakes rise beautifully high and strike the perfect balance of moist and tender. Eggs emulsify and thicken sauces and custards so that they aren't runny. Eggs are also responsible for adding a glaze to pastries and making them look shiny.

You may think that if eggs are responsible for all that's good in your creations, surely adding more eggs will only do more good. However, that may not be the case! According to The Cake Blog, the number of eggs that you add to your cakes alters its properties, and that's not always for the best.

Adding too many eggs may not be a good thing

As explained by The Cake Blog, using too few eggs means that your cake won't hold together well, but using too many will result in a cake that is more dense, spongy, and rubbery than the lightweight cake that it should be. The site says that adding too many eggs will also give your cake a noticeably eggy flavor, which will make it taste more like a custard or a bread pudding and less like a cake.

Fine Cooking goes on to clarify that eggs and flour work as protein ingredients when baking. These two ingredients are responsible for holding your bakes together and giving them much-needed structure. When you don't use enough of these, your bakes might end up being way too tender and quite frankly, a runny mess. On the flip side, using too many eggs and flour means your creations will be way too tough and dry. 

Another word of warning about eggs comes from Kitchn. The outlet also cautions against using too many egg whites. While using the right amount of whipped egg whites can make deliciously delicate cakes that rise flawlessly without the use of any baking soda for yeast, using too many can make your cakes extremely dry. So, if you think that the more eggs you add to your batter the better, you might want to think again!