This Might Be The Reason Your Gas Grill Won't Light

The long-anticipated summer is almost here and we all know what that means: BBQ time. Groceries are bought, the grill is prepped, outdoor space is swept and people are arriving, it's almost time to inhale the smoky aroma of steak and hamburgers charring away.

The star of the show is, of course, the grill. Without it, you are bound to boil hot dogs and nobody wants that. Maintaining the highest grill standards will assure the highest food standards and at what may be the first BBQ of the season, people want perfection. But what happens if the star doesn't light? Well, according to The BBQ Depot, starting with patience is key.

Working with a gas grill can be tricky due to it needing gas to be ignited by the one working the grill. With the stress of the long-awaited BBQ food weighing on your shoulders, it's easy to get swept away with no clue how to get it to light. Luckily, there are a few reasons it won't light that are all an easy fix.

A step by step process

The BBQ Depot says before you worry about why your grill won't light, you must do the proper starting procedure. Each grill comes with its only way to do this and following that will make it less likely you'll experience a lighting issue.

Gas grills require, well, gas! One main reason someone's gas grill won't light could be a low gas tank, according to Popular Mechanics. Popular Mechanics says it could be the gas plumping, which should be cleaned out regularly to ensure it isn't clogged.

If the gas tank and plumbing are in top-notch shape and it still doesn't light, you could have an ignition problem. According to The Spruce Eats, gas grills have either a push-button to start or battery-powered. Try stepping away from the ignite button for a few minutes and then give it another shot, as the grill may have needed more time to ignite. If it is a battery one, treat it like the remote you finally found in your couch cushions and replace those batteries.

Be sure to follow the directions given with each grill and you'll most likely have a killer BBQ on your hands.