Jason Mraz Adds A Very Unusual Ingredient To His Guacamole

Most of us know Jason Mraz as a Grammy award-winning singer and songwriter who creates beautiful, soulful music. Still, others of us might be more familiar with Mraz's Broadway performance in the hit show Waitress (via Allmusic.com). But, regardless of how you know the artist, many people might be surprised to learn Mraz is also an avocado farmer. Yep, you read that right — Mraz also has the proverbial green thumb. 

Per CNN, Mraz not only grows these babies, but also he sells them, and he is super proud of what he produces. The crooner told the outlet, "I do sell my avocados . . .they don't have a sticker on them that say that these are from the Mraz Farms, but I moved into an area that all of us are avocado farmers." The award-winning musician went on to explain, "My trees are 25-30 years old and, two or three times a year, [workers] come through and they pick 'em all. Believe me, our kitchen is just like decked out with them. We're constantly washing them, we're eating them and we're giving them to all our friends."

However, when he is not selling or gifting his avocados to friends, Mraz likes to turn them into guacamole, which seems like the normal thing to do with an abundance of avocados — but it's what he puts into his guac that transforms the dish into something so unexpected, it might surprise you.

Jason Mraz makes a chocomole

Jason Mraz told CNN that he often uses his avocados to make a dessert that he calls chocomole. "You will freak when you try this chocolate mousse. There's no sugar in it, there's no soy products in it, there's no tofu. You're just eating a raw chocolate mousse," he shared. The celebrity farmer went on to explain that the creamy texture of the avocados makes your taste buds think they are eating a traditional dessert. To the mashed up avocados, Mraz adds dates, raw cacao, carob powder, a little vanilla, and some agave nectar to sweeten the mixture.

Per The Vegetarian Times, Mraz switched to a vegan lifestyle in an effort to support a band member and friend who had been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. But what started as a sign of support and encouragement turned into a healthy new outlook, thereby inspiring Mraz to entirely overhaul how he looked at food and subsequently eschewing all things sugar. Mraz said, "I discovered that I could truly kick sugar when I started to satisfy my sweet tooth with raw desserts." We are so glad he did because now that we know exactly what goes into this chocomole, we are looking forward to indulging without feeling guilty, too. Thank you, Jason!