Costco's Chocolate Dream Dessert Collection Is Turning Heads

Need another excuse to eat dessert first? Just in time for Mother's Day, this Chocolate Dream Italian dessert collection has been spotted by the Instagram account @CostcoBuys. Based on the picture and description, the package features individual servings of a layered dessert, similar to a parfait or a trifle. According to the post, the package of "six flutes of layered whipped cream, cocoa cookie, and chocolate cream" is just $9.99. 

A few comments suggested that their local Costco store had a higher price of $12.99. Plus, the dessert is served in reusable glass flutes. Although it can be hard to determine from the picture, some comments describe the flute size as good for serving port wine. Still, dessert and a wine glass for $9.99-$12.99 seems like a great deal. 

While it appears that the Chocolate Dream dessert collection is in warehouses now, a few websites shared that the dessert has been sold previously. According to CostCuisine, the dessert was available in 2020. That site describes the dessert as "rich, thick chocolate mousse/cream with chocolate cookie crumbs with a whipped cream." Also, reported seeing this offering in December 2019.

Whether or not this chocolate dream dessert is new or a returning favorite, it appears to be a sweet treat to savor soon. Just like many Costco buys, it is best to grab a package before the dessert disappears again.

What are the best Costco prepared desserts?

Shopping at Costco can always be a flavor discovery with a forkful of adventurous eating. While many shoppers are looking for the next "new" find, the Costco prepared desserts often are a too-good-to-resist treat on that shopping trip. While the seasonal options can be tasty for holidays, some treats are always there to tempt that will power. Isn't it time to banish that pesky "guilty" word from the food vocabulary and enjoy the sweet life?

Eat This Not That website shared its top Costco prepared desserts. While many of the store made cookies took top honors, the site raved about the "Tuxedo Chocolate Mousse Cake." While this dessert is much larger than the Chocolate Dream dessert collection, it could be a tasty substitute if the other dessert option is unavailable at a local warehouse. The Tuxedo Chocolate Mousse Cake features "four layers of chocolate." 

If you just really want to eat the cake out of a flute, you can use that wine glass cake hack to enjoy that serving experience. When a chocolate craving hits, it seems that Costco prepared desserts have a tasty option ready.