The Plant-Based Burger King Menu Hack You Need To Know About

In March 2021, Alasdair Murdoch, the CEO of Burger King UK, announced that the company could fill up to 50% of its menu with plant-based options by 2030. "Over time the amount of beef that we are selling as a proportion of our total sales is reducing," he explained to the i News. This was part of their promotion for a plant-based whopper.

In the US too, you can already opt out of most meat options by replacing the meat patty of a Burger King burger with an Impossible Burger. This is one of the main pieces of advice given by The Beet for vegan customers to Burger King. In addition to the advertised Impossible Whopper, they note, you can order any sandwich with an Impossible patty. However, this only really works if the burger lacks bacon, cheese, and mayo as well. Otherwise, you will strip the distinguishing features of the burger until it is pretty much just the Impossible Whopper anyway. But, if you're a vegetarian as opposed to a vegan, then this hack can improve any trip made to Burger King.

Vegans may not want to use this hack

In 2019, a vegan sued Burger King because, as CNN reported, on behalf of their Impossible Whopper, he "suffered monetary damages in the amount that he paid to purchase." The issue was that Burger King cooked the patty for the Impossible Whopper on the same grill as the ones used for the meat Whoppers. For the customer, this meant the burger wasn't vegan and had he known this beforehand, he wouldn't have ordered it.

Reuters announced in 2020 that the case was dismissed, as all Burger King had promised was a patty devoid of meat and they delivered a meatless patty. Of course, as per the lawsuit's derisive coverage by Veg News, the plaintiff takes an extreme position. To them, the fact that a vegan patty is cooked on a meat grill makes little difference to the animals who would otherwise be slaughtered, so a fuss is overblown. 

While most readers are probably aware of this grill situation by now, its repetition is required as the hack only works if you acknowledge that ordering a burger from a burger place will mean that the plant-based and meat-based foods will meet.