This Is The Classic Way To Prepare An Impossible Burger

As ever more people turn to meat substitutes, they run into the issue of actually cooking it. After all, it isn't meat, so one may assume you cook it in a different manner. Fortunately, Impossible Foods considered this possibility and included a recipe for an Americana Impossible Burger from Chef J. Michael Melton, the Impossible Foods Chef, on their website

The classic recipe starts much the same as a regular burger: you take a package of Impossible Burger meat and fashion it into three patties with some added salt and pepper. Then — here's the bonus — whereas some burgers can take six to seven minutes on the grill (via Simply Recipes), the Impossible Burger needs just two to three minutes to cook on each side on medium-high heat. Chef Melton also suggests melting a slice of plant-based cheese over each patty.

To continue with the recipe given by Impossible Foods, however, turn to the Americana sauce, which is made by combining sriracha, mayo, ketchup, dill pickle relish, and minced pepperoncini. Then, finish your burger with a toasted brioche bun, sliced onions, and any of your preferred burger toppings like lettuce and tomato.

Despite the apparent weirdness of a non-meat burger, the Impossible Burger is quite easy to prepare, as are the other recipes the company shares for inspiration (via Impossible Foods). What sets the Americana Impossible Burger apart, according to Chef Melton, is "the perfect balance of spicy, crunchy, sweet, sour, and salty flavors."

Impossible Foods is set to grow bigger

When the Impossible Burger finally made the jump from being a restaurant exclusive product to being found on the grocery store shelf, similar comments were made about how easy it was to prepare the burger. In a CNET piece claiming the product had endless possibilities, Amanda Capritto wrote that the Impossible Burger "produced more grease than Beyond Meat, sizzled more and shrunk like beef burgers do as they heat up. But compared to real beef, the Impossible meat doesn't produce much grease (a good or bad thing, depending on your perspective)."

Now, two years later, Impossible Foods has lowered the price of their products in grocery stores nationwide as both a reflection of how well the product is already selling and an attempt to draw yet more people who were originally turned off by the relatively high price. With a lower price and easy recipes like the one above, we can expect Impossible Burgers to spread even further than they have already. And if the description of the Americana Impossible Burger tempts, you might just want to try it.