The Eye-Opening Number Of IHOP Pancakes Sold Yearly

Quick: Think of breakfast foods. Sure, you probably thought about cereal, yogurt, or scrambled eggs. But for many people, breakfast isn't breakfast without pancakes. And nobody does pancakes quite like IHOP. Restaurant-goers take pride in offering from the secret IHOP menu to get their meal just the way they like it.

The legendary chain sells an impressive amount of food in any given year — IHOP itself lays claim to pouring 100 million cups of coffee a year, and serving 14 million gallons of orange juice over the same time frame. While some eaters aren't fans of IHOP's dinners, breakfast is something of which most people agree: The restaurant wins at breakfast.

Which is why IHOP stays busy, y'all. Pancakes, though, are on a whole other level. IHOP takes its pancakes very seriously, devoting an entire griddle to making the menu item and making sure the cooktop is set to the ideal temperature (via Restaurant Business Online).

So how many pancakes does IHOP make per year?

There's a reason IHOP stands for International House of Pancakes. The brand makes an impressive 700 million pancakes in one year (via

That's a lot of Rooty Tooty Fresh N' Fruity, my friend. And that doesn't include tasty sides, like crispy bacon, scrambled eggs, sausage links or patties, or sliced fruit. Or syrup (although it might be best to take a raincheck on the 1.5 million gallons of syrup IHOP uses each year as a topper and ask for fresh fruit instead).

To put the number into better context, the 2021 population of the United States is about 330 million, which comes out to 2.12 pancakes per person, per year (via Nations Online).

To put it another way, per Reference, the entire world population of domesticated rabbits hovers around 709 million. This means at the current IHOP output of 700 million pancakes a year, most bunnies would get a pancake, but around 9 million little fluffballs would have to do without.