The Marriage Advice The Pioneer Woman Gave Her Daughter

Ree Drummond, the face of Food Network's "The Pioneer Woman," has entertained her fans for years. The TV personality has scores of stories from her life living on a farm and makes a point to share more than just recipes with her fans. Drummond is quite proactive about divulging fun anecdotes about what's going on in her personal sphere, including what her family is getting up to.

More recently, Drummond has opened up about her daughter Alex, who's all set to get married in May. Drummond wrote on The Pioneer Woman blog, "Alex and fiancé Mauricio got engaged last August, and boy, time has really flown by." She added that it's an incredibly special time for the family. As far as Drummond is concerned, it's crucial for her to give her daughter the best advice she can think of. She wrote, "Once the cake's been cut and their dancing shoes are all worn out — that's when the real work begins."

Drummond has solid advice to offer the newlyweds

Ree Drummond painstakingly gathered words of advice from different friends and family members prior to Alex and Mauricio's nuptials. Being a wife herself, Drummond also pulled some expert advice from her own experiences to give to her daughter as she embraces new beginnings. 

In her blog post, The Pioneer Woman focused on the fact that it's important to step up as a partner and take initiative. She wrote, "Although we're told marriage is a 50/50 thing, I've found that approaching it as 100/100 is even better." She explained that in some situations, like illness or excessive stress, one of you won't be able to give your all in a relationship. "During those times, it's good to think of it as 100/100 so you can fill in each other's gaps," she added.

Wise words, huh? Drummond definitely knows what she is talking about, especially seeing that she has been with her husband, Ladd, for over two decades.