More Than Half Of Shoppers Always Buy This At Dollar Stores

Dollar stores are rather convenient when you need to purchase essential items quickly without blowing your budget. According to Cheapism, these stores have an impressive presence across the country: You're looking at a larger number of Dollar stores than, say, retail giants such as Costco and Walmart. While it's undeniable that most items at these stores are inexpensive, you may not be getting the best bang for your buck, so it's best to research which products are actually worth it. 

Additionally, as Reader's Digest reiterates, some products should be avoided completely and others are fan favorites for a reason. Things like kitchen equipment, hygiene essentials, and cleaning kits are all good options to get while items like gum and cheese should be chosen very carefully. But why not ask the shopping experts? We decided to launch a survey and see what the customers who frequent dollar stores find worthy of purchasing.

Candy is a top contender when shopping at dollar stores

In a Mashed survey that included options such as popcorn and soda, participants were asked to pick the item that they prefer to buy at Dollar stores. A total of 658 respondents across the U.S. were a part of the survey. As seen from the results, a whopping number of participants opted for packaged candy (55.62%). Meanwhile, soda and instant noodles received a bit of love with 13.53% and 10.64% respectively. These were followed by nuts, which earned 9.27%; popcorn, which received 5.78%; and bread, which won only 5.17% of the vote. 

Redditors have even discussed the type of candy they like to buy from Dollar stores. One user wrote, "I stock up on gummies, Bit-O-Honeys, and Chick-O-Sticks at Dollar Tree. I don't particularly like Dollar General but I find discontinued seasonal stuff there. Big Lots has neat stuff too." Another fan had a special dollar store sweets preference: "Peanut rolls are my favorite dollar store candy. So salty and peanutty and nougaty."