Why You Shouldn't Buy Gum At The Dollar Store

Dollar stores can be rather convenient if you're in a pinch and need to stock up on groceries quickly without burning a hole in your pocket. As reported by Mental Floss, you can really find amazing deals on paper products at dollar stores. A store manager at Dollar Tree said that she's hardly been ever let down in that department. She said that dollar stores offer a plethora of paper products that are good value for money: everything from paper towels to paper plates, stationery, and more. 

According to a post by Hip2Save, some of the best products at dollar stores that are worth your while include candles, storage items, books, house party essentials, and pet accessories. You get to save money and make sure that you restock your supplies quickly and easily. That said, there are some items that are simply not worth buying at the dollar store, no matter how cheap they may be (via Clark). Among the items you definitely want to avoid are things like vitamins, medication, soda, and tools — they're not the best in terms of quality. Another item that you need to avoid? Chewing gum. (By the way, it's okay to swallow gum.) This is why.

You're not getting your money's worth

Chewing gum — bubble gum or otherwise — may seem like one of the best things to get at the dollar store, right? Wrong. The problem is that gum isn't a great buy at the dollar store. At all. You get gum in much smaller packets compared to what you'd find at regular grocery stores. In fact, as per Kiplinger, you're definitely paying more money for gum here: at least a penny extra for each stick of gum, especially when compared to the prices at places such as Costco. 

Specifically, while a four-pack of Wrigley's is priced at $1 at dollar stores, you can get 20 similar packs of Orbit gum for $11.49 at a shop like Costco. Quick math: you're looking at four cents for each piece of gum by way of Costco, versus five cents per piece at the Dollar store. If you're a regular gum chewer, the savings will add up pretty quickly.

Do your budget a favor. Avoid buying gum at dollar stores and instead, pick up bulk packs the next time you're at a warehouse store. You'll save money in the long run. Which is a very — ahem — sweet deal.