The Only Ina Garten Dish Her Husband Jeffrey Has Ever Disliked

If there's anything fans of Ina Garten might envy as much as her kitchen or her dinner parties, it might be Garten's marriage to her husband Jeffrey. They've been married for more than 50 years, and they've known each other since Ina was just 15 years old (via Insider). So many years together have certainly given them a relationship many admire. However, their relationship dynamic might surprise some.

According to CheatSheet, there's actually a lot of time that the Gartens don't live together because of their work — Ina of course has her cookbooks and TV show, and Jeffrey is Dean Emeritus at Yale School of Management. That's why, per The Kitchn, Ina always makes Jeffrey's favorite roast chicken on Friday nights when he comes home from Yale. Ina does joke in her television shows from time to time about Jeffrey showing up every time she roasts a chicken. Though it's no secret that Jeffrey loves Ina's famous roasted chicken, there was one recipe he did not love — or even like. Even then, disliking one recipe after so many years really is an incredible record.

This was the only fishy dish Jeffrey didn't like

According to PureWow, the one recipe of Ina's that Jeffrey was not a fan of turned out to be a fish stew. In a 2009 interview with the Yale Daily News, Ina Garten said "Jeffrey is an easy audience. He likes everything I make." Unfortunately, that's when Jeffrey disagreed. He spoke up during the interview to set the record straight. That's when he revealed that there was one time her recipe for fish stew wasn't very likable. It certainly didn't run the risk of dethroning her famed roast chicken!

Despite the endearing, honest answer of disliking just one of her recipes, Ina went on to describe what a wonderful husband Jeffrey is to her. "He's a deeply appreciative, incredibly supportive husband," she told the Yale Daily News. While no one likes to hear that their recipe didn't turn out to be the triumph they thought it might be, Garten doesn't seem to mind that her husband thought the fish stew wasn't great. At least he was truthful!