Here's Where Chopped: Martha Rules Was Really Filmed

What's better than a popular reality show like "Chopped?" A spin-off that includes a celebrated chef like Martha Stewart, of course! As per an article in Boston, "Chopped: Martha Rules" was launched last month on the Food Network. The show was hosted by "Chopped" regular Ted Allen, and saw veteran food personality Stewart acting as a judge. She was accompanied by accomplished names in the restaurant industry such as Marc Murphy and Marcus Samuelsson.

The format of this edition was fun too: Four talented chefs needed to sort through a mysterious list of ingredients in an outdoor setup and prepare all three meals — appetizers, an entrée, and a delicious dessert — in order to win over the judges. Additionally, Stewart made the job harder by constantly challenging the chefs and including unexpected elements throughout the cooking process. Interestingly, this show was filmed in an unusual and beautiful location, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

It's special for Stewart

According to Distractify, "Chopped: Martha Rules" had a special setup, keeping in mind the coronavirus pandemic. Usually, the show's filming process takes place in New York City, but Stewart and her team of talented chefs shot in a far more rural setup: at a farm in Kennebunkport, Maine. It's believed that Stewart loves this pretty little town herself. In August last year, she posted a photo of herself enjoying seafood at a restaurant in Kennebunkport. She wrote on Instagram, "Dinner tonight at @mabelslobsterclaw in Kennebunkport. Maine. An old favorite of the presidents Bush, summer residents of this lovely old Maine town."

"Chopped: Martha Rules" was filmed last year in just five days. The short period meant that participants had to make do with intense pressure as they competed against each other in a bid to impress Stewart with their cooking chops. Stewart definitely made things a lot more interesting on the show by doing things like getting the participants to work from different work stations in a bid to amp up the competition.

Judge Marc Murphy was especially fond of the setup. He told Mashed in an exclusive interview, "I mean, there's no doubt about it. The setting is beautiful. The weather was great, and it's Martha's rules."