Adam Sandler's Hilarious Response To That Viral IHOP Video

Remember that time when funnyman Adam Sandler declined to play the "star card" at a New York IHOP after being told the wait for a table would be 30 minutes? And the internet cheered both Sandler — for being such a "mensch," and the waitress, who posted about the incident on TikTok — for being "star-blind" (by not even realizing Adam Sandler was, in fact, Adam Sandler, let alone moving him to the front of the queue)? Well, as improbable as it might otherwise seem, the comedian, musician, filmmaker, and actor of Netflix's "Hubie Halloween" has outdone himself once again — this time with a hilarious response to that viral IHOP video posted by the waitress, Dayanna Rhodas. 

On May 3, just over a week after the events of IHOP pancake-gate unfolded, Sandler took to Twitter to clarify the "real" reason he and his daughter left that New York IHOP locations. And as Sandler tells it, it had nothing whatsoever to do with the waiting time. 

Adam Sandler hilariously reveals that he's been tragically misunderstood

On May 3, at precisely two minutes before midnight, Adam Sandler finally "broke his silence" (according to Comic Book) regarding the viral TikTok video in which Sandler, obscured by a mask and significant beard growth and accompanied by one of his teenaged daughters, is seen hanging his head and walking out of a New York IHOP restaurant after being told by Rhodas that the wait for a table would be 30 minutes. And it was hilarious. 

"For the record," Sandler posted on Twitter, "I only left the IHOP because the nice woman told me the all-you-can-eat deal didn't apply to the milkshakes." Well, that explains it! Moreover, it brings to light an issue regarding IHOP's all-you-can-eat deal that literally no one on the planet had ever given a moment's thought to — until now, at least, leaving some fans (of either IHOP, Sandler, or both) clamoring for IHOP to add "all-you-can-drink milkshakes" to their menu offerings. Others, like Twitter user @HoosiersBB, reiterated their appreciation for Sandler not letting his "celebrity status go to" his head. "That you don't treat others like you are better than them. A great lesson for your son and others."