Chick-Fil-A Fans Can't Get Enough Of This Hilarious 'Sign War'

In the last few years, many fast food restaurants have proven to have quite the sense of humor. Wendy's, Burger King, and KFC — to name a few— have gone viral many times over for their harsh yet hilarious roasting of displeased customers on Twitter. Domino's once ranked its customers in order from least to most annoying (via Mirror). And who could ignore the endless April Fool's jokes, from the gallon of Papa John's iconic garlic dipping sauce (we wish!) to Auntie Anne's pretzel-scented perfume (via Reader's Digest)?

Chick-fil-A is another fast food joint that has gotten in its share of laughs — in the form of its "Eat Mor Chikin'" ads, its viral drive-thru employee, and, most recently, a few targeted jabs via some cleverly placed signage. This time, however, it wasn't the fried chicken restaurant that started what's now being dubbed as the "sign war." Here's what has Chick-fil-A fans in tears (the good kind!) in Gardendale, Alabama.

It's a battle between Chick-fil-A and a local jeweler

The social media feud began on April 27 when Alabama jeweler Jeff Dennis changed his sign to read "Our drive thru is faster than Chick-Fil-As" — and subsequently posted a picture of it on Facebook, daring the local Chick-fil-A restaurant to respond. And respond it did, with a sassy sign update of its own. "Overflow parking at Jeff Dennis Jewelers!" Chick-fil-A retorted, with the hashtag #signwars (via Facebook).

That wasn't the end of the battle, either. After Jeff Dennis responded with a sign that read "Gold nuggets are better than chicken nuggets," Chick-fil-A took it to a new level. Employees put signs on the front lawn of the jeweler's store that spelled out "Eat Mor Chikin" with cut-out cows, The Kansas City Star reports. Jeff Dennis was not to be outdone, however. He retaliated with similar yard signs on Chick-fil-A's lawn that read "Buy Mor Diamonds." What's next? Fans are clamoring to find out — so stay tuned.