Why You Should Stop Throwing Away Pineapple Cores

Chopping a whole pineapple isn't exactly rocket science. You cut off the ends, remove the spiky skin, slice the remaining part into round discs or spears, scoop out the core, and voila! Your fruit is all sliced up and ready to be eaten. However, according to Delish, there's good reason not to trash the core of your pineapple next time.

It might be intuitive to cut out this part and toss in the bin, the same way you would with an apple core. After all, it's tougher than the rest of the fruit, which makes this part harder to bite into, and pineapple cores aren't as sweet as the soft and juicy part of the fruit. So, if the core has seemingly zero benefits and only hinders your eating experience, it should be a no-brainer that you simply throw it away right? 

Delish says otherwise, noting that this often overlooked part has the same nutrients as the rest of the fruit. Livestrong goes one step further to say that the core is in fact one of the most nutritious parts of a pineapple. 

There are ways to utilize the pineapple core and benefit from it

Pineapple cores have all the benefits that the rest of the fruit does and then some. Livestrong says that, when compared with one cup of chunks, the core has more vitamin C, vitamin A, and calcium. In fact, eating this part can actually account for 90% of your daily vitamin C intake in one serving. The core also has nearly half the calorie count and a lesser amount of carbs and sugar than the fleshier chunks. According to Delish, this part of the fruit also contains a digestive enzyme called bromelain which may help reduce inflammation and muscle pain, and possibly ease symptoms of arthritis. The article also notes that the tropical fruit is known to help break down fibrin, a blood-clotting protein. 

Now that you know all the benefits, you should know too that there are ways to use the core in your recipes instead of throwing them away. Everyday Health says that you should ideally eat this part raw to get the most of its nutrients, and Delish recommends grilling it to possibly make it a bit more tender. Livestrong also suggests boiling and blending it into a puree and adding it to soups, smoothies, and desserts. You could also add the puree to oatmeal and use it to make energy bars. Or, this Serious Eats recipe can turn your pineapple cores into sweet syrup for your cocktails.