People Are Loving Extra Gum's Hilariously Relatable Post-COVID Ad

As the world continues to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, companies like Extra Gum are doing all they can to keep their customers' spirits high. The brand's latest attempt is a lovely TV advertisement that gives viewers a glimpse into what life after the pandemic will be like. People have been charmed by the ad and are currently sharing it everywhere.

According to Today, this commercial is titled, "For When It's Time," and depicts at a better future when things aren't scary and lockdown ceases to be a way of life. A radio commentator in the ad says, "And this just in, we are back ... we can see people again! How about that?" This is a much-needed surprise for the people in the commercial as they get out of their homes, looking surprised and amazed at the turn of events. The setup is funny too: some folks look like they haven't shaved in a really long time, while another character leaves behind a pile of pizza boxes. Pretty relatable, huh?

It's a heartwarming commercial

According to Today, the Extra advertisement is quite thought-provoking, and it's also entertaining to watch. For example, as more and more people start resuming their lives and leaving their homes in the commercial, lots of interesting and funny scenarios crop up. Some folks get so excited about leaving their homes that they forget to wear pants. Uh-oh. Meanwhile, a group of professionals are seen going back to their office building where things now look unkempt and messy. Well, everyone's been away for a really long time, after all.

Another scene shows people hanging out at a park, greeting their loved ones and kissing them. Well, as Extra Gum conveniently points out, having a packet of chewing gum can be very useful as everyone starts getting more social. The tagline is on point as well; it says, "We could all use a fresh start." Absolutely agreed! 

One viewer loved the commercial so much that they were full of praises for it. "This is hands down the best quarantine commercial ever made. Not pandering, not depressing, just pure hopeful happiness," they gushed on YouTube. "I forgot I had a heart." Another viewer decided to be brutally honest and said, "OK. Nobody warned me that an over-the-top, whimsical gum commercial was going to make me cry."