These 3 Items Will Never Appear On The Queen's Dinner Table

While one might imagine the queen of anywhere to be a bit of a picky eater, Queen Elizabeth II has some pretty staunch rules about what she finds on her dinner table. In a piece by The Telegraph, journalists delve into the royal family's strict dining rules and just what kind of diet it takes for such a long, healthy reign in England. To live and rule so long, a queen has got to exercise some serious discipline when it comes to chowtime.

Her former personal chef, Darren McGrady, details the Queen's great discipline at the dining table. One of the most important rules she abides to is no starches. No pasta. No rice. No potatoes. McGrady, who later became Princess Diana's personal chef, actually attributes Her Highness' slim figure to her starch aversion. But if she refuses pasta, rice and potatoes, and won't eat anything seasoned with garlic, what does her Majesty nosh on?

The Queen's typical dinner

While one might think someone like the Queen of England would have extravagant meals on the regular, you'd be surprised at just what she eats. McGrady, her former chef, told CNN that Queen Elizabeth typically goes to town on some grilled or poached fish most dinners, with a side of veggies. On occasion, she'll partake in a traditional Sunday roast or something richer than her usual fish dinner, but typically speaking, the Queen sticks to her standards. And you better imagine her standards are high.

But it's not only her food that she holds to high standards. In an interview with Hello! Magazine, McGrady relays what went into cooking for the Queen's royal corgis (pictured above). Perhaps closer than what you might think human royalty would eat, her dogs had an alternating menu that included everything from rabbit to lamb, poached beef, and chicken that would be chopped up twice to make sure there were no bones in it. As it was with the Queen, though, no pasta, rice, or potatoes on that menu, either.