The Kitchen Storage Solution Ina Garten Swears By

We don't often take advice from those whose words should demand it, but instead we decide to overlook crucial aspects that can instantly improve our way of living. If ever should there be a time to listen to someone it's now, especially if it's something that the iconic Ina Garten swears by. For those who live in their kitchens cooking up everything from delicious breakfasts to tasty desserts, there is nothing better than following the steps of the "Barefoot Contessa" herself.

Kitchen hacks come by the loads and it's possible that every cook — amateur or pro — has a set of their own go-to solutions that are worthy of applause. However, there is one that rises to the top thanks to its convenience, versatile style, and affordability, according to Today. What's the big life-changing kitchen hack? Glass jars. Big or small, glass canisters can be a vital element to help with organization in any kitchen — just peek inside Garten's barn kitchen that features a few (via People).

A simple addition to make all the difference in your kitchen

For those looking to organize their kitchen all while adding a touch of style, you might want to invest in a few glass jars to add to your pantries or counter tops. Handy for bakers, the great thing about these simple jars is the ability to fill them with just about anything. Don't know where to store your bag of flour? Put it in a jar. Looking to keep your powdered sugar moisture-free? Put it in a jar.

You can also say goodbye to that label maker. Providing easy visibility and zero need for labels, glass jars will revolutionize the way you store everything from dried chili peppers to pasta, and will help make cooking and baking all the more accessible. While Garten's kitchen space allows for larger jars, the great thing about these glass containers are their range in sizes. So, feel free to stock up on whichever ones make the most sense in your home.