Good News For Fans Of Costco's Boba Ice Cream Bars

If you're a die-hard Costco fan and love boba, chances are you were aware of the big box retailer's boba ice cream bars that hit shelves back in December 2020. The brown sugar boba ice milk bars were a huge hit among Costco shoppers right away. One of the Costco fan Instagram accounts, @Costcodeals, received close to 20,000 likes on a post announcing when the bars first hit shelves. If you didn't pick them up this past winter, you might have been kicking yourself recently.

According to Yahoo!, there was a boba shortage this spring, and it affected far more than just boba tea shops and restaurants. The shortage caused Costco to fall short of its now beloved brown sugar boba ice milk bars, too. After the incredibly popular boba ice cream bars sold out, the boba shortage made it impossible to restock. That is, until now. Apparently some eagle-eyed Costco shoppers have seen the boxes slowly returning to shelves.

The bars are finally back in stock

If you're anxious to finally get your hands on a box of Costco's brown sugar boba ice milk bars, there is still some bad news. While the boba ice cream bars have made a return to shelves, it has only been at certain locations. So, your local store might still be out. According to Yahoo!, the ice cream bars have made it back to stores in Washington, Minnesota, Utah, Oregon, California, and Georgia. If you're not in one of those states, keep your fingers crossed that they finally make their way to your local Costco.

For those lucky enough to have close access to the stores located in the states being restocked with the boba ice cream bars, you should know the treats come in packs of 12 bars for about $14. So keep an eye out for them and pick up a box or two when you see them.