Costco Shoppers Are So Excited For Its S'more Shortbread Cookies

It's no secret that Costco's bakery is the perfect place to pick up cookies for a big group or grab some croissants or muffins for breakfast. Plus, Costco's sheet cakes are a fantastic deal. But there are some more niche items that the bakery whips up, and Costco fans are spotting them and posting them on social media for the benefit of all those with a sweet tooth.

Recently, a Reddit user posted a picture of s'more shortbread cookies to the Costco subreddit with the caption "Bravo, Costco. Bravo." Sounds promising! The package doesn't include a description, but based on the photo and ingredients list, it looks like this s'mores creation starts with a graham cracker shortbread cookie base. On top, there's some chocolate and white drizzle (seems like marshmallow!), and it's all topped with a generous handful of graham cracker crumbs. 

Costco has a history of fan-favorite s'mores products, like this s'mores bark, so we're looking forward to seeing how this new cookie from their bakery sells in their stores.

Here's what shoppers are saying

"Those will be an instant buy if I see them," one Reddit commenter said of the s'more shortbread cookies. Another commenter left a note saying, "Those look like they would not last long around me." Not all the reviews are quite so upbeat, and one Costco customer said when they gave these s'more cookies a try, "the white frosting on top had the texture of bathtub caulk."

Still, there's a lot of positive buzz around the s'mores shortbread cookies. Another great thing about these s'more shortbread cookies is that they don't have any gelatin, which makes them vegetarian friendly, a fact customers seem very enthusiastic about. Gelatin is often in marshmallows, but based on the ingredients list on the package, it looks like there isn't any in these s'more cookies. 

There are so many tasty desserts you can find at Costco. Will these s'more cookies make it onto your grocery list?