Martha Stewart's Newest Show Has Nothing To Do With Food

Martha Stewart is making a return to the small screen, but not in the way you might expect. No, it's not a variety talk show, or a cooking show, and it has nothing to do with crafts, either. The show is called "Clipped," and it's about... topiary, or the art of trimming bushes and trees into unique shapes (via You can find remarkable topiary gardens all over the world, some with designs that go back hundreds of years and some that are more modern, including anything from simple spheres to elaborate animals and everything in between (via Garden Destinations).

However, "Clipped," which debuted Wednesday on Discovery+, won't feature these already existing garden creations (via Town & Country). Instead, the reality show pits seven contestants against each other in a series of topiary challenges to be judged by landscape architect Fernando Wong and horticultural expert Chris Lambton, and, of course, Martha Stewart, with the goal of winning a $50,000 grand prize.

Reasons to watch 'Clipped,' even if you don't have a garden

Topiary might seem like an out-of-reach art form for most, but according to Town & Country, you don't need a garden full of mature shrubs to take part. Even the smallest outdoor spaces can include some topiary, for instance through trimming a simple potted plant, or sculpting some moss into an artistic shape. In the words of Fernando Wong, "It is wonderful to watch people take creative leaps with plants. I hope it will inspire viewers to look out their window or at the houseplants and try something on their own."

Of course, you don't need to have a green thumb to find "Clipped" entertaining. Like most reality TV competitions, it's just as much fun to simply sit back and enjoy the show as some contestants succeed in making beautiful creations while others fall drastically short, while dealing with unforeseen complications, uncooperative weather, and the stress of trying to impress Martha Stewart, in the same way that you can enjoy "Bake Off," even if you don't bake (via House Beautiful). You can stream the first episode of the show now on Discovery+ (via HGTV).