The Real Reason You'll Never Find An In-N-Out Burger On The East Coast

If you are craving a Double Double but live on the East Coast, enjoying that In-N-Out Burger classic will require a lengthy trip. Instead of an Uber delivery or even a short road trip, the infamous quick service restaurant chain may never cross the Mason Dixon line. As shared in an Eat This, Not That! article, there are two reasons why those mouthwatering burgers will not be joining the bright lights of New York City. The brand has no desire to franchise and the company requires each location to be near an In-N-Out meat distribution center. 

The primary reason why the burger chain will not be a Washington D.C., Orlando, or Atlanta restaurant offering, is due to the fact that the company's meat distribution centers service all of its restaurants. Per a Forbes interview with In-N-Out President, Lynsi Snyder, the founding principle "never-frozen" has and will continue to guide the brand's always fresh offerings, which means that a location needs to be within a day's drive of a restaurant. While the "not going to compromise" sentiment guides many of the company's decisions, it has expanded in parts of the West and built distribution centers in those areas. Still, the company's goal is not to put a location on every corner. As Snyder said, "You put us in every state and it takes away some of its luster." Being unique is what makes In-N-Out Burger iconic and un-duplicated.

Why do celebrities crave In-N-Out Burger?

From post-award show stops to lyrics in popular songs, In-N-Out Burger is a celebrity favorite. Who hasn't seen the photos on People of celebrities stopping for that delicious Double Double and fries after an awards show? The long list of quotes from people waxing poetic about the tastiness of these burgers are almost as memorable as the bible versus printed on the wrappers. From Thomas Keller using that burger to inspire a menu item at his restaurant to David Chang sharing "an Animal Style burger at In-N-Out is a beautiful thing" to Julia Child's simple statement "it is awfully good," there is no mistaking the call of that restaurant's menu (via First We Feast).

Whether it is the no-so secret menu, the Protein Style Burger, or the Animal Fries, the truth is that In-N-Out burger continues the vision that the company started all those years ago. From 1948 till present day, the company focuses on fresh ingredients, whether it is the meat used in the burgers or the buns baked each morning, per Forbes. When a recipe can stand the test of time, that classic deserves its iconic status. Instead of just 15 minutes of fame, In-N-Out Burger has earned its legendary status.