Here's What Liza Koshy Really Eats In A Day

Actress and YouTube star Liza Koshy, who is set to host the new show, "Chopped Next Gen," loves feasting on good food. She's also dedicated to maintaining her overall health and fitness levels at the same time. How does she do that? Well, she likes to keep her stress levels in check by meditating every day. According to Women's Health, Koshy loves exercising regularly and makes it an integral part of her routine. She's also a self-proclaimed coffee lover and easily has two cups of coffee after she wakes up, taking things slow instead of rushing through her day.

When it comes to food, Koshy is someone who makes sure that she eats everything in moderation, per Health-Yogi. Her daily eating plan includes lots of interesting food options. Before we explore those, it's important to note that Koshy chugs water all day to stay as hydrated as she can. Also, just to be clear, while it's true that she's worked with Beyond Meat as an ambassador, she is not a vegan and enjoys eating meat (via YouTube).

Koshy believes in constant snacking

So what are Liza Koshy's preferred food options? As per Health-Yogi, she treats herself to lots of green juices on a regular basis. She also adds dietary supplements to her routine to make sure that she's taking care of her nutritional requirements. Plus, she fills her plate with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and does not shy away from vegan food options. That said, she's not someone who likes to avoid meat. In fact, she's a big fan of sausages and can't ever turn them down.

According to Women's Health, Koshy enjoys "caca cookies" in the morning — made of bananas, almond butter, and chocolate protein powder, per her Instagram. She also ensures that she stays healthy by eating four or five small meals every day so that she maintains her energy levels. Koshy is someone who doesn't believe in depriving herself of the food items that she loves. In fact, she even tweeted about it. Koshy wrote, "My diet consists of the occasional chipotle, constant snacking and frozen yogurt. I'm very content."

With "Chopped Next Gen" premiering on May 25 on Discovery+, per the network, host Liza Koshy's culinary interests may broaden even more, as she tries a new generation of young chefs' take on dishes from cured tuna hearts to a plant-based charcuterie board.