The Fruit Hack Aldi Fans Say Is Like A Boozy Capri Sun

Capri Sun pouch drinks were a standard part of childhood for kids growing up in the '80s and '90s, as they are for many children today. We love the different options available now that include reduced sugar and all-natural varieties, and enjoy them in both liquid and slushy style. There's only one thing missing, and that's an adult twist to these favorite squirtable pouch drinks.

Aldi shoppers have figured out a hack to make your own adult pouch drink where you can have your fruit — and add booze to it, too. Buyers are taking Season's Choice frozen fruit bags and adding booze. A popular choice has been the affordable and fruity-by-itself wine from Pacific Fruit Vineyards. This combo mixes very well in flavors and packs that juicy punch that basically screams summer. Add your own metal, reuasable straw for ease.

Says Aldi fan Stacy Rappuhn, "I had to, like many of us, try the adult capri sun. I used the blueberry wine. 10/10 would drink again. ... Maybe with liquor next time," (via Facebook). Like Rapphun, many users are customizing the recipe.

Wine and fruit were a match waiting to happen

Users from the The Aldi Nerd Facebook group widely credit Tammy Hurt for coming up with the beverage hack. Says Hurt, "The coconut wine was just screaming for some pineapple for that summer beach vibe," as she describes another flavor mix (via Yahoo!). Hurt's personal favorite is Aldi's margarita mix and mixed berries. Brandy Rydarowicz shows her pouch mix with pineapple chunks and sweet pineapple wine, as well as the tropical fruit blend which includes mango, papaya, strawberries, and pineapple with the sweet peach wine (via Facebook). Both mixes have some fresh strawberries and raspberries sitting by in her shared pic.

If you want something that's still fruity and a little less sweet, Yahoo! food writer Terri Peters found a twist on the wine and berries by using Aldi's also popular Vista Bay Hard Seltzer, and if you want a non-alcoholic version you can always try lemonade or another bubbly juice. Aldi Nerd Traci Thomas may provide the best description of the entire concept (via Yahoo!): "These Capri Suns are worth trying because it's something silly, fun and affordable to do. I think we're all looking for little ways to brighten up our days during the pandemic."

And remember: Drink responsibly.