What Happens To The Leftover Food From Cupcake Wars?

TV shows such as "Cupcake Wars" are the perfect escape for those looking for a mix of entertainment and delicious food. However, it's important to note that filming the show and creating plenty of delicious treats is no joke. A former winner from the show, Kyra Bussanich told the Tender Foodie that "Cupcake Wars" is an intense experience through and through. "You have to remember that they are filming everything in one day, which equates to roughly 16 hours of tape time per contestant. And there are four teams," she told the site.

Bussanich also said that the cooking space on the set was massive which meant that the contestants had to be rather quick on their feet when they were trying hard to finish all the challenges and race against time as they tried to set up their cupcakes in less than 45 minutes. Bussanich explained, "Being on the set of 'Cupcake Wars' was very surreal... let me tell you, we were a whole lot faster in our home kitchen than on set!" But once the cameras turn off and the cupcakes have been judged, what happens to all those delicious morsels that were baked and frosted during the show?

There are a few possibilities for cupcake leftovers

According to a former judge on "Cupcake Wars," Natalie Slater, cupcakes are often devoured by those who are present on the set. She revealed in her blog, Bake and Destroy, that the crew was massive, and there were at least 50 team members from different departments such as hair, makeup, sound engineering, editing, and more. The crew was working constantly to make the show a success and definitely didn't mind feasting on a cupcake or two after finishing the shoot. "There was no shortage of people willing to take cupcakes home," she explained.

However, Slater added that this wasn't always possible, mentioning that some cupcakes inevitably melted or fell apart. Unfortunately, these desserts had to be discarded but the other leftovers were always in demand and didn't get wasted. But staff appetites and melted inedible cupcakes aside, the treats are often donated to local charitable groups, too, as an article from The Daily Meal states. Sometimes, they may also be finished during the event that the participants are cooking for. Lots of options!