Duff Goldman's Tip For Perfect Cinnamon Rolls

Sugar for breakfast is probably not the best idea. Given that we all overload our diets with the fine white pearls of joyfulness every day (by up to three times more than the recommended amount, according to the American Heart Association), perhaps laying off chocolate-coated cereals for a while would give our hearts some well-earned rest.

In fact, the NHS details that breakfast snacks packed with sugar create the perfect catalysts for firing up weight gain, high blood pressure, and rotten teeth. Avoiding sugary foods for the rest of time would therefore seem the logical solution. However, there is a mighty obstacle in the way of such a utopia: cinnamon rolls.

The sugary delights provide a wonderfully filling bite and offer a boost of alertness to cruise through the inevitable daily struggles — and renowned pastry chef Duff Goldman is ideally suited to keeping our taste buds craving a permanent stream of sweet, sticky cinnamon dough.

Duff Goldman explains how to bake the perfect cinnamon rolls

The chef knows what he's talking about when it comes to baking. As well as his incredible reputation for designing spectacular cakes (via Charm City Cakes), Goldman has made numerous TV appearances, including "Ace of Cakes" and "Duff Takes The Cake" (via Duff). He explains that the ultimate cinnamon rolls are a mixture of dough and "pseudo-lamination" (via Twitter), constructing a goal for all master bakers to aim for.

According to a tweet from Goldman, the secret of achieving perfect cinnamon rolls is in the beautiful filling. He recommends that the butter used for filling the rolls be just below room temperature, rather than completely melted. He adds that the butter should be "flexible but not liquid."

The probability of becoming a grand chef like Duff Goldman is incredibly slim, but at least by harnessing his expert knowledge through this simple butter hack, you can create divine cinnamon rolls that will give everyone the chance of becoming a star baker. Even if it is only in their own house.