The Ground Turkey Brand Restaurant Stakeout's Willie Degel Swears By

Picture this: You're in the supermarket trying to pick up some ground turkey for your latest recipe, but you're inundated by all of the brands that are on the market. You scan the labels for something that stands out and can help you make a decision because you need this meal to be a masterpiece on the table. One wrong choice and your turkey-based dinner is done before it even hits your lips.

Well, according to Willie Degel, the host of Food Network's "Restaurant Stakeout" and founder and CEO of New York-based Uncle Jack's Steakhouse, the answer to your meat problem is here. He says that he has a clear preference about which ground turkey he likes to use (via Food Network). And, it's his favorite for a good reason, too. 

"I love Jennie-O ground turkey because it is all-natural," he told Food Network when asked about his top choice for a grocery store product.

What makes Jennie-O different?

Chefs are no strangers to loving Jennie-O. Many partake in the company's annual Turkey hotline around Thanksgiving time when worried consumers call in and learn the best way to make their turkey and sides for the big feast (via West Central Tribune).

Jennie-O has an array of ground turkey styles to help fit whatever you're cooking up. Its lean ground turkey offering contains turkey and rosemary extract only. It has 21 grams of protein and 170 calories. Its original ground turkey, which is minimally processed, has 220 calories and is 85% lean.

But that's not where the goodies stop. Jennie-O also has ground turkey rolls, lean taco seasoned ground beef, Italian style turkey sausage, lean Italian seasoned ground turkey, and several ground turkey options that are made with no antibiotics. The brand also has a turkey tracker, which allows consumers to find out exactly where their turkey meat has come from. 

Keeping it fresh, Jennie-O has recently launched turkey burger blends, which are made from a combination of white meat turkey, black beans, whole grain rice, and pepitas. With all these options, it's clear why it's a celeb chef favorite.