Trader Joe's Shoppers Are Divided On Its New Strawberry Shortcake Cookies

It seems that strawberry season is at Trader Joe's. In a recent post from @traderjoeslist on Instagram, they announced the arrival of Strawberry Shortcake Sandwich Cookies. Described as "butter cookies studded with strawberries and filled with buttercream," the packaging looks enticing with a stack of sweet, creamy summer treats. 

One comment said that the cookies are "crunchy with chewy bits in the cookie," while another compared the texture to a pecan sandie. While that description sounds tasty, some Trader Joe's dessert fans think that the strawberry flavor didn't come from the berry patch. As seen in several responses, many people are complaining that the strawberry flavor is artificial. Some reviews include: "They have a fake flavor to them," "too sweet and almost artificial tasting," and "very artificial." Based on the box's picture, many people were excited to have that strawberry shortcake flavor in a cookie, but the picture did not live up to the hype for everyone. Comments like "was bummed because they look so good" seemed to sum up many people's feelings. 

According to Trader Joe's, these cookies will be available for a limited time. A 6-ounce package has a $2.99 retail price. Whether this strawberry cookie is a taste of summer or unbearably sweet is a debate that will continue till the boxes disappear from store shelves. 

What are people's favorite Trader Joe's cookies?

While limited-time, seasonal cookies have Trader Joe's fans running to the store to grab that elusive sweet treat, many classic cookies always deserve a spot in the shopping basket. Although the term "favorite" can cause heated food debate, the truth is that some Trader Joe's cookies should permanently be stocked in the home pantry. Even though a cookie a day might not keep the doctor away, cookies usually bring smiles to the table.

Spoon University shared its top choices for the best Trader Joe's Cookies. For example, the brand's take on a classic sandwich cookie, Joe-Joe's, have long been a popular choice. From the classic flavor chocolate cookie with a creme center to seasonal twists, that toucan image calls to shoppers and begs them to put a box in the basket. Other popular choices include macarons, frosted sprinkle cookies, and those irresistible Kitchen Sink dunkers. Basically, a trip to Trader Joe's is not complete without at least one sweet treat and cookies are always a tasty choice. Even if the Strawberry Shortcake Sandwich Cookies aren't for you, there will be something else to catch your eye.